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Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business

Our Team

La Sierra University School of Business Students come from all over the world to learn how to create value and make a difference. For our students, we form a team of faculty not only academically qualified to teach, but also actively engaged as practitioners in their respective fields. And our professors are joined by our highly qualified and committed Dean and support staff to create a purposeful experience both in and out of the classroom. Scroll down to learn more about our team of faculty and staff.



David Albrecht
Professor of Accounting
Email: albrecht@profalbrecht.com
Office Phone: 951-785-2061
Cell Phone: 419-575-4513
Office Location: ZSB #204

Degrees Earned:
MA, Accounting - University of Iowa
Ph.D., Accounting - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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Spring Quarter 2014 Courses:
ACCT 343/543: T R 3:00-5:00 ZSB #235
ACCT 362/562: M 6:00-10:00 ZSB #112
ACCT 694: R 6:00-10:00 ZSB #206

Scholarly Interests
Research in financial reporting theory, auditing theory, audit firm marketing, and professional use of social media


S. Eric Anderson
Professor of Management

MBA, Loma Linda University
Ph.D. University of North Texas

Management, Strategy, Global Development

Email: sericanderson40@gmail.com


Gary Chartier
Associate Dean

Professor of Law and Business Ethics

J.D. University of California at Los Angeles 2001
Ph.D. University of Cambridge 1991

Law and legal theory, political theory, ethics

With the School of Business since 1999.

Phone: (951)-785-2181
Email: click to e-mail Gary Chartier with your default e-mail client.

Additional: click here to view/download Gary Chartier's Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Fred Clarke
Assistant Professor of Economics

Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University, 2010

Political Science, Economics, Game Theory

Email: fclarke@lasierra.edu


Jere Fox
Associate Professor of Law and Management

MA La Sierra University 2007

JD Pepperdine University School of Law 1977

Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law, Business Law

Constitutional Law and the Church

Email: jfox@lasierra.edu

Click here to download a full CV on Jere Fox.


Keith Howson
Chair; Accountng, Economics, and Finance

MBA Andrews University

Mcom University of the Witwatersrand

Ph.D. University of Newcastle

Accounting, Leadership, Higher Education

Email: groverkh@gmail.com



George O. Ogum
Associate Professor of Finance

D.B.A. University of Memphis, 1990

International finance, financial management, banking, emerging capital markets finance, corporate finance, financial econometrics

Phone: (951)-785-2314
Email: gogum@lasierra.edu


Dulce L. Peña
Professor of Management

J.D. Pepperdine University School of Law

M.A. Loma Linda University

M.A.O.D Fielding University

Human resource management, leadership development, workplace conflict

Email: dpena@lasierra.edu


Lee Reynolds
Professor of Finance and Economics

Ph.D. University of Nebraska 1979

Financial management, investment analysis, value-based management

Phone: (951)-785-2501
Email: lreynold@lasierra.edu


Elias G. Rizkallah
Coordinator; Professor of Management and Marketing

Ph.D. Northwestern University, 1982

International marketing, strategic marketing planning, marketing management, consumer behavior. (Download a list of Dr. Rizkallah's publications)

Phone: (951)-785-2474
Email: erizkall@lasierra.edu


John Thomas

Basshir Hasso Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University, 2010

Behavioral finance, political economy, development studies, social entrepreneurship

Phone: (951)-785-2064
Email: jthomas@lasierra.edu


Kristine Webster
Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance

C.P.A. 1992

M.B.A. Loma Linda University, 1991

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), 2013

Certified Forensic Accountant (Cr. FA), 2013

Resident Insurance Producer: Accident & Health, Casualty Broker-Agent, Property Broker Agent, 2004

Department of Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, 2004

Financial and managerial accounting, auditing, taxation, government and nonprofit accounting, entrepreneurial finance.

Phone: (951)-785-2405
Email: kwebster@lasierra.edu


Danette Zurek
Assistant Professor of Accounting

M.B.A. Andrews University, 1998

C.P.A. 1992

Auditing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, government and nonprofit accounting

Phone: (951)-785-2181
Email: dzurek@lasierra.edu







Cheryl Bauman
Coordinator of Student Services



Phone: (951)-785-2464
Email: cbauman@lasierra.edu


Ed Brugman
Coordinator of Technology and Online Education; Executive Education



Phone: (951)-785-2502
Email: ebrugman@lasierra.edu


Jodi Cahill
Community & Int'l Relations
Executive Education
Email: jcahill@lasierra.edu
Office Phone: 951-785-2503
Office Location:

Degrees Earned:
La Sierra University
Western State Law School

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Vernell Kaufholtz
Administrative Assistant to the Dean



Phone: (951)-785-2064
Email: vkaufhol@lasierra.edu


Heather Miller
M.B.A. Advising; Executive Education



Phone: (951)-785-2225
Email: hmiller@lasierra.edu



John Razzouk
Program Management
Web and Social Media Development
Enactus (SIFE) Sam Walton Fellow



Phone: (951)-318-2894
Email: jrazzouk@lasierra.edu

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Collaborating Faculty

Karl Kime. Lecturer in Law and Ethics
J.D. University of California at Los Angeles 1989
M.A. Claremont Graduate School 1986
Alternative dispute resolution, law, ethics

Craig Kinzer. Lecturer in Business Communication
Ph.D. University of California at Riverside 2007
M.A. La Sierra University 1994
Business communication, management strategy, management and literature, medieval English

Robert Krone. Distinguished Visiting Professor of Strategic Management
Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles 1972
Strategic planning, electronic distance learning, systems analysis, policy formulation, organization theory

Thomas Macomber. Lecturer in Management and Law
J.D. Williamette University 1980
Music management, Business law

Lari Mobley. Lecturer in Management
Ph.D. student, Claremont Graduate University
M.B.A. Biola University 2005
M.A. Loma Linda University 1987
Brand diversification in mergers and acquisitions, branding strategies for new product launces, literary themes in contemporary advertising

Prudence E. LaBeach Pollard. Professor of Management
P.H.R. 1997
Ph.D. Western Michigan University 1993
Human resource management, leadership, institutional, assessment and strategic planning

Nabil Y. Razzouk. Lecturer in Marketing
Ph.D. Arizona State University 1980
Marketing and business education, marketing ethics, comparative and international marketing

Constance Rossum. Lecturer in Marketing
Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University 1998
Strategic marketing

Victoria A. Seitz. Lecturer in Marketing
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University 1987
Apparel merchandising, consumer behavior, advertising strategy

Juanita J. Singh. Lecturer in Business Communication
Ed.D. Loma Linda University 1992
Writing skill development, intercultural business communication

Warren C. Trenchard. Lecturer in Management and Social Entrepreneurship
Ph.D. University of Chicago 1981
Social entrepreneurship, management strategy

Wendel W. Tucker, Ph.D.. Lecturer in Organizational Behavior

Mary E. Wilson. Lecturer in Business Communication
Ph.D. University of Southern California 2001
Organizational communication, mass communication

John Wyatt III. Lecturer in Business Law
J.D. University of Dayton 1978
Governmental regulation of business, government procurement, contract management

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