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Ontario - Public Safety Management

Criminal Justice, law enforcement and emergency services are experiencing challenges like never before. In a world that is exploding with new technology, worldwide increases in crime, violence and terrorism, along with collapsing economies, it is imperative that the leaders in these fields develop business, communication and leadership skills to help restore and rebuild their communities.

The MBA Program

The La Sierra University Tom & Vi Zapara School of Business has developed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Public Safety Management through our Executive Education Program, designed to educate and equip law enforcement professionals and those in related fields for the major changes coming now and in the future.

Degree Requirements

To earn a La Sierra University MBA, a student must:

Complete a minimum of forty-five units of required regular coursework (major, elective, and integrative);

Complete MBA foundation requirements by prior coursework, earning academic credit, or by life- or work-experience via portfolio review;

Earn a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or above in the MBA program.

Coursework Requirements


A student admitted to the MBA program is eligible to enroll in any Foundation course. No Foundation course may be used as an MBA program elective. A student may waive a Foundation course based on prior coursework, portfolio review or life- or work-experience, or by taking a course for credit. Foundation courses are also offered in an online format. You can find a list of online foundation courses offered here.

INTEGRATION | 13 UNITS This distinctive body of La Sierra courses is designed to increase leadership and social consciousness, expand the student's commitment to proactive moral action, and nurture a dedication to living with integrity, justice and compassion in today's rapidly changing world.

MAJOR | 24 UNITS A minimum of 24-32 units of regular major coursework is required (specific units vary by major).

DIVERSIFICATION | 4-12 UNITS A number of elective units (selected from different areas) sufficient to ensure that the student completes 45 units of regular MBA coursework (excluding Foundation courses). Up to 12 units of appropriate graduate-level coursework from another accredited institution may be transferred into the MBA program with approval of the dean.

2014-2015 Cohort Schedule

Cohort Schedule

MBA at La Sierra University

We provide a high quality, values-driven, and convenient educational experience. You'll engage with professors who actively practice in their fields; 92% of our professors are PhD, JD, or terminally qualified. Our program is rigorous and comprehensive, because we know that for you, this is about much more than just a degree; it's about developing the strategic and analytical tools you need to effectively protect and promote the wellbeing of our communities.

You'll attend classes one night a week plus one Sunday per course at a convenient location near you. Designed for the working professional, classes are structured on a hybrid model of online content and face-to-face collaborative learning.

Admission Requirements

Each applicant must hold a four-year baccalaureate degree or the equivalent

Regular admission requires a satisfactory combination of GPA and GMAT score or a graduate degree (MA, MS, JD, MD, etc.)

Applicants may be provisionally admitted with a 3.00 GPA. A provisionally admitted student must ordinarily earn a 3.00 GPA on her or his first twelve units of coursework to proceed to regular admission.

A TOEFL score of 550 or MTELP score at the 90th percentile is required for any applicant who has not studied in English at an English-language institution for at least one year; a student without the required score must complete preparatory ESL courses.

Tuition Fees

Cost per unit: $777 for 2014-2015. Total cost for the regular program is $34,965 for students beginning during 2014-15 academic year enrolled in the traditional 45-unit program. Your tuition is frozen at the current rate of the year you begin, as long as you don’t break residency. Cohort members will receive a 35.5% merit-based scholarship, with qualifying GPA, need, and/or with administrative/executive status. The La Sierra MBA program is one of the best values for private education on the market today. La Sierra offers financial aid to help you cover the costs of your graduate education, and your employer may also have educational assistance available. Foundation courses are offered online at $1,000 per course. You can find a list of online foundation courses offered here.

Financial Aid

Information you need to know as an Executive Education Off-Campus student:

Confirm your student Status with Admission & Records or School of Business Contact If you are expecting Financial Aid, apply for FAFSA at

What kind of Federal Aid would I be eligible for?

Professional MBA students are only eligible for Federal Loans. Maximum loans for graduate students for a school year would be $20,500; however, amount may vary based on the individual student loan aggregate and total number of units that will be completed for the school year. PMBA students must be enrolled for a minimum 4 units per quarter to be eligible for financial aid (loans). Note: For new and returning students, our Loan process has changed. We are no longer using private lenders to process your federal loans. All federal loans will be process through the Department of Education using the following website Using your FAFSA pin, please complete your Mastery Promissory and Loan Entrance Counseling so as to expedite the processing of your financial aid.

If you are not planning on using financial aid or your financial aid will not cover your tuition costs, you are expected to pay in full as soon as you register. For further information regarding your finances, please contact Denyu Miller in the office of Student Financial Services at: 951-785-2175 ext. 2943 or email him at

Contact Us

Cohort Location:

La Sierra University - Criminal Justice
3491 Concours St.
Ontario, CA 91764
(909) 458-0027

Postal Mail Address:
Zapara School of Business - Executive Education
La Sierra University
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA 92515



Monday - Thursday

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Cohort typically meets on Mondays 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m

Contact Information:

Jodi Cahill

Co-Manager of Executive Education/

Student Services

(951) 785-2509

Heather Miller

Co-Manager of Executive Education/

Graduate Advisor

(951) 785-2225


(951) 785-2700


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