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School of Education


Thinking of becoming a teacher?
We can help you fulfill your dream. If you are a caring, helpful person with an interest in children or young people, you might make a wonderful teacher. La Sierra University School of Education has several programs leading to teacher credentials in special education as well as elementary and secondary education.

Do you want to be a leader in education?
Do you want to be one who really makes a difference? Are you wondering about where your career in education is headed? Learn how to polish your skills as a leader and obtain the necessary credentials in a personalized program. Administrator's Credentials Available.

Are you looking for a fulfilling career?
Work in an area where you can truly touch young people's lives in positive and meaningful ways. Consider a career in school counseling and/or school psychology.

Want to get an education from the comfort of your home?

We'd like to set you up with a virtual education. In the new century and millenium, education is breaking down barriers, one virtual education at a time.

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School of Education

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School of Education


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School of Education will be closed on Fridays during Summer Quarter

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