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Extended Campus On-line Pre-Registration

Extended Campus On-line Pre-Registration

Extended Campus On-line Pre-Registration
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Section 2: Statement of Purpose

By requesting pre-registration at La Sierra University, I intend to:

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Statement of Purpose Options*

If you selected option 2 or 3 above, please initial the statement that follows:

Based on your Statement of Purpose above, your admission status is currently designated as "Graduate Unspecified Non-Degree" pending formal acceptance. Grad_Unspecified/Non-Degree students need to be formally accepted for a certificate, credential or degree program in order to ensure that the courses taken will count toward the desired graduate program. A maximum of 12-quarter units may be transferred to a graduate program from an unspecified status.

Please read and initial the requirements for Admissions into the Master of Arts Degree Program

Master of Arts Admissions Requirements

The following items are required in order for the Admissions Office to review a file for acceptance:

  1. Graduate Application
  2. Application Essay
  3. Three Recommendations
  4. Transcripts from ALL post-secondary academic institutions attended.
  5. GRE General scores
  6. Department Approval if applying for an MA in Curriculum & Instruction.

You may visit and apply online to the University. You may also call the Office of Admissions at (951) 785-2176 or email at and request an application packet to be mailed to you.

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