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School of Education


Dean's Office


Ginger Ketting-Weller, PhD

PhD at Claremont Graduate University
Area of emphasis: Education

Phone: (951) 785-2266, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: gkw@lasierra.edu

Research interests: Religious education, Leadership, "Third Culture Kids".




Lina Soria
Administrative Assistant

BA, French with minor in Office Management

Phone: (951) 785-2266, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: lsoria@lasierra.edu



Sylvia Gallegos
Credential Analyst

Credentialing Services Office

Phone: (951) 785-2224
Email: sgallego@lasierra.edu



Department of Administration and Leadership


Gilbert Valentine, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor, Administration & Leadership

BA, Theology
MA, Religion
PhD, Education

Phone: (951) 785-2074
Email: gvalenti@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Early development of the Adventist Educational System, Adventist Leadership Patterns and Issues, Leadership Biography.




Margaret Solomon, Ph.D.
Professor, Administration and Leadership

Bachelor of Liberal Arts
Masters of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction & Special Education Endorsement
Ph. D. in K-12 Educational Administration

Phone: (951) 785-2292
Email: msolomon@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Identifying and testing school leadership models that work for the educational achievement of students from marginalized communities, Developing Learning Communities on Critical Pedagogy to impact teacher practice.




Naomi Aguilar
Administrative Assistant

BA, Management

Phone: (951) 785-2074, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email:  naguilar@lasierra.edu



Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Linda Caviness, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

BA, Speech with minor in Office Management
MA, Education in Language & Literacy
PhD Educational Administration

Phone: (951) 785-2484, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: lcavines@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Brain-based Learning, Reading and Language Arts, Teacher Education, Liberal Studies.




Sandra J. Balli, Ph.D.
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

BA, Secondary Education and Home Economics with minor in English
M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction
Ph.D., Instructional Theory and Practice

Phone: (951) 785-2270, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: sballi@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Middle School Strategies, Teacher Development, Cooperative Learning, Qualitative Research.




Lolita Campbell, EdD
Associate Professor
Director of Student Teaching

BA, French with minor in Home Economics, Professional Education
MA, Secondary Teaching: Home Economics
EdS, Curriculum & Instruction; EdD, Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: (951) 785-2315, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: lcampbell@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Home Schooling.




Mirtha E. Miller, PhD
Associate Professor of Education, Curriculum and Instruction

BA, Multiple Subjects
MA, Reading
PhD, Reading and Bilingual Education, University of Arizona, Tucson

Phone: (951) 785-2729, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: mmiller@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: reading, bilingual education, issues in language and literacy, teacher and curricular change, community literacy projects.



DeAnne Knipschild
Administrative Assistant

MA, Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: (951) 785-2203, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: dknipschild@lasierra.edu


Department of School Psychology and Counseling


Chang Ho Ji, Ph.D.
Chair, Professor, Counseling and School Psychology

BA Political Science
MA Political Science, Religion, and Educational Psychology
Ph.D. Educational Research and Methodology
Ph.D. Political Science and Public Policy

Phone: (951) 785-2269, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: cji@lasierra.edu

Research interests: Psychometrics, Moral Development, Educational Politics and Policy.




Dora Clarke-Pine, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

BS Psychology
MS Community Counseling
PhD Counseling Psychology

Phone: (951) 785-2334, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: dclarkep@lasierra.edu

Research interests: Personality/gender issues, counseling theory, juvenile crime.




Shirley Gregg, Ph. D.
Associate Professor

BS Nursing
MA Counseling
Ed.S, School Psychology
Ph.D. Health Psychology
Phone: (951) 785-2809, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email: sgregg@lasierra.edu




Naomi Aguilar
Administrative Assistant

BA, Management

Phone: (951) 785-2267, Fax: (951) 785-2205
Email:  naguilar@lasierra.edu




Online Programs


Bradley Jamison, Ph. D. , MPH.
Associate Professor and Online Programs Director

BA Spanish, International Affairs
MA Educational Administration
Ph.D. Educational Administration
MPH. Global Health

Phone: (951) 785-2984, Fax: (951) 785-2316
Email: bjamison@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Global Education and Development.




Rayan Farjo
Technology Coordinator

B.Sc. Computer Science

Phone: (951) 785-2239, Fax: (951) 785-2316
Email: rfarjo@lasierra.edu



Center for Research on K-12 Adventist Education


Elissa Kido Ed.D.
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction; Director, Center for Research on K-12 Adventist Education

B.S. English and Biology
M.A. English
Ed.D. English Education

Phone: (951) 785-2972
Email: ekido@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Neuro-science and education, teaching writing and multicultural literature




Marilyn Beach, Ph. D.
Assistant to the Director, Center for Research on K-12 Adventist Education

B.A. in Home Economics with a minor in Chemistry
M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction
PhD in Education with an emphasis in Child Development

Phone: (951) 785-2997
Email: mbeach@lasierra.edu

Research Interests: Child Development, Moral Development.




Noemy Cruz
Office Manager, Center for Research on Adventist Education

B.A. Sociology

Phone: (951) 785-2997
Email: ncruz@lasierra.edu


Adjunct Faculty


William Behrens, Ed.D.; Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Development, Temecula Valley Unified School District

Tim Hoch, Ed.D.; Principal, McKinley Elementary School; Redlands Unified School District

Dave Lawrence, MBA, Ed.D Vice President for Financial Administration, Pacific Union College

L. Roo McKenzie, Ed.D Education Evangelist, Southeastern California Conference

Charles McKinstry, J.D.; Legal Counsel, Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Norman Powell, Ed.D., Professor, School of Education, ret.

Katherine Rizzo, M.A.; Principal, Phillip M. Stokoe Elementary School Innovative Learning Center; Alvord Unified School District

Wendel Tucker, Ph.D.; Superintendent, Alvord Unified School District

Adjunct Faculty in Curriculum and Instruction

Virlyn Burton, MA
La Sierra University

Melvin D. Campbell, PhD
Purdue University 1963 chemistry

August Champlain, MA
La Sierra University, English

Jeremy Denson, MA
La Sierra University, Curriculum and Instruction

Terry Fischer, MA
Cal State, Bakersfield, 1999
Curriculum and Instruction, Reading Specialist, Special Education

Gale Gorke, EdD
La Sierra University
Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration and Leadership

William Green, PhD
University of Oregon-Eugene

Douglas Herrmann, EdD
EdS La Sierra University (1992) Administration and Leadership
EdD (2010)

Sandra Ingram, MA
Theater and Applied Drama
Royal Holloway College, University of London

Nancy Kim, MA
IT Coordinator and Librarian, Redlands Adventist Academy

DeAnne Knipschild, MA
La Sierra University (2008), Curriculum and Instruction

Julie Latucca, MA
University of Redlands, 2000

Janet Mallery, EdD
Loma Linda University 1989 Curriculum and Instruction

Wallace D. Minder, EdD
Loma Linda University 1984

Warren D. Minder, EdD
Educational Leadership and Business (1983) Western Michigan University

Anita Oliver, PhD
MS University of Wisconsin-Madison, Curriculum Theory
PhD University of Wisconsin- Madison, Curriculum and Instruction

Tonya R. Perry, EdD
EdS La Sierra University, School Psychology
EdD La Sierra University (2006) Curriculum and Instruction

Jerry Pine, EdS
La Sierra University

Pamela Ramsey, MA
La Sierra University 1993
Special Education

Bethany Rubino, MA
La Sierra University

Jalene Saeger, PhD
University of California

Amin Skaf, EdS
La Sierra University

Cartha Tennille, EdD
Former Director, Curriculum, K-12; Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District

Datha Tickner, MA
Administration and Leadership (2006) La Sierra University

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