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Eunha (“Lydia”) Oh

Question: Would you recommend this program to other Korean teachers?

Answer: Absolutely! Because it’s totally different from what we learned in the Korean program. Their method is quite different at La Sierra University.

Chanhee (“Jennifer”) Chae

Question: Has this program been helpful to you?

Answer: Yes, we could observe American education. That was helpful!

Anonymous Student Comments:

“The teachers were all organized. They were open-minded. I really appreciated that.”

“The apartment was good.”

“I want to take Dr. Gorke’s class again in Korea.”

“Gale’s class was wonderful. I learned so many activities from her.”

“My Stokoe Elementary School homeroom teacher was so nice. She gave me so many tips. She even gave me a chance to teach English to a boy who couldn’t speak English. It was a wonderful opportunity for me.”

“All the field trips were awesome!”

“I really enjoyed this course!!”


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