Our Mission is to

Provide opportunities for students to engage in meaningful service that enriches the classroom.

  • Foster civic responsibility and commitment to service in students.
  • Support faculty in the development and implementation of service-learning courses.
  • Develop mutually satisfying long-term partnerships with community organizations.

Our Commitment

We are committed to high quality service-learning courses that effectively integrate service and learning by:

  • Providing faculty with up-to-date best practices in service-learning pedagogy.
  • Helping faculty to find appropriate community partners who will collaborate in achieving the learning goals of the class.
  • Encouraging ongoing faculty development that will enhance the quality of the service-learning experience.
  • Supporting students through adequate orientation and assistance in their community sites.
  • Developing and maintaining mutually satisfying, long-term partnerships with community agencies that support the academic objectives of service-learning courses.
  • Maintaining an effective structure that ensures the smooth operation of the service-learning program.

Service at La Sierra University

A commitment to service is clearly at the core of the educational experience at La Sierra University. Service brings purpose to the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our students. We believe that right now, our students can take these lessons and apply them on-campus, in the community, and all around the world.