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The Office of Service-Learning


Service-Learning courses offer you the exciting opportunity to apply what you learn in class while you meet genuine needs in the community. As you “serve” you participate in experiences and gain knowledge that support the learning goals of your specific Service-Learning course.

What students are saying

“I am grateful for this experience. God put me there to increase my faith and to release my inhibitions. I would never have stepped into a place like that if it had not been for the class requirement.”
— Stephani Troyer, Religion & Rationality, 2009

“It’s hands down the best experience I’ve had all year. The two hours I’ve spent with this man every week were the best times of our lives.”
— Brent Modell, History capstone class, 2009

“Volunteering at the Adult Day Care Center was a very humbling experience. It was only a couple of hours out of the week, but the little time I was there really opened by eyes. I had so much fun spending time with the elderly...By volunteering at this facility, I’m doing just what Jesus wants us to do which is to bring to light those that are pushed aside and marginalized or forgotten about. Luke’s focus of Jesus helping those who are seen as unimportant in society helps me to realize that Jesus wants us to love everyone, no matter what status they are.”
— Paula Williams, Jesus & the Gospels, 2008

"Without a doubt Service-Learning was one of the most memorable educational moments throughout my time at La Sierra University. I am proud to have graduated from La Sierra and to have done Service-Learning. La Sierra University taught me to be a life long learner and to continually seek opportunities to serve our community."
-Demitrio Camarena, 2010

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