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The Goal of La Sierra University is simple, "Protect Cal Grants" for our deserving Students


A Note from the Director Of Student Financial Services:

Dear Campus Family,

Cal Grant originated in 1955 to assist students in their pursuit for a better future by lowering their cost to attend institutions of higher education. In 2012 the Legislature and the Governor approved a reduction rollout for students attending private non-profit universities.  Since then the grant award has been reduced from its original value of $9,708 to the current $9,084 value, a 6.5% cut to a grant that has not seen an increase in value since 2000.  This year the award is set to decrease from $9,084 to $8,056 representing an additional 11% cut for these students, resetting the grant amount to a level below what was provided in 1998.

On March 11, 2014, Audrey Gaspard and two of our students spent the day at the State Capitol, lobbying with State senators and Assembly members to save Cal Grant.  They spoke with our local senator, General Richard Roth of the 31st district; Assembly members:  Eric Linder, 60th district; Manny Perez’s, 56th district/ Amy Wilson, Communications Director, assistant to Manny Perez and Joe Stephenshaw, Senator Budget Committee Consultant  of Higher Education. La Sierra University’s efforts to save Cal Grant will continue because our students matter.

We are seeking the help of our campus family to join us in signing the petition to repeal the Cal Grant cuts.  These cuts become effective September 2014, if not repealed, and will affect over 700 students currently attending La Sierra University, as well as new Cal Grant recipients in the 2014-2015 school year.  Please sign the petition at www.StudentsFirstAlliance.org.

Thank you for making a difference.


Elina Bascom


Student Financial Services


The Goal of La Sierra University, same as The Students First Alliance, is to protect the Cal Grant program for deserving California students.

The Cal Grant award can be used at all segments of higher education. Cal Grants are administered by the California Student Aid Commission (www.csac.ca.gov). Students attending a private, non-profit can receive up to $9,084 in 2013-14 and students at UC and CSU have their system wide fees covered. The Cal Grant program has made college possible for many students and families experiencing financial hardship. It’s important that all students work together to build a better understanding among policymakers of the significant benefits that the State gains from the Cal Grant investment*.


Sign the Petition to SAVE Cal Grant:

Every single vote counts! So, do sign the petition letting Sacramento know we are not going to let this go.


La Sierra’s active involvement in saving Cal Grant:

  • Highlights from the AICCU 2014 Day in the Capitol


  • La Sierra students making a difference!


  • Here's a clip from our student's contributions at the Capitol

AICCU Day in the Capitol 2014 - KTXL News Coverage

For more information:




If you have not already submitted your financial aid application for next school year, 2014-15, YOU SHOULD BEGIN NOW!

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*Taken from California Student First Alliance Website (Link)


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