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Students With Disabilities

International Students | Students with Disabilities

This section describes programs specifically for students with disabilities who need financial assistance to help pay for college expenses. In addition to resources in this chapter, students may apply for general aid programs open to the entire student body through La Sierra University Admissions Office, the Federal government, the State of California, university, colleges and departments, and private organizations.

State Aid - Awards to part-time Students with Disabilities

  • The Bureau of Student Financial Assistance has outlined the financial assistance policy for part-time accommodations of students with disabilities as it related to specific authority.

Graduate Aid

Most graduate students, regardless of disability, pay for their education with scholarships, employment, loans, savings, assistantships, and family contributions. Graduate students should apply for assistance through their major department and through the Student Financial Services Office.

  • Students who are unable to enroll in a 12-hour course load due to their disabilities, may qualify for financial assistance with part-time enrollment at a prorated award amount.

Disability-Related Expenses

Students with disabilities frequently have expenses not incurred by other students and, when applying for financial aid through Student Financial Services Office, may qualify for an increase in their educational budgets. Costs of special equipment, fees for special services such as readers, interpreters, note takers, or personal care attendants, and medical costs related to the disability are all considered disability-related expenses. The Dean of Students Office will help determine disability-related expenses. When these expenses have been identified, students should submit a Financial Aid Adjustment Request Form to the Student Financial Services Office documenting any such expenses not paid for or provided by another agency.


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