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Sponsored Projects Administration

Sponsored Projects Administration

Welcome to the La Sierra University Sponsored Projects Administration.

Our mission is to guide faculty through the grant-seeking process by helping to identify funding sources and by assisting in the planning and preparation of proposals for external support. We also aim to promote research at both the undergraduate and the graduate level by providing information on funding opportunities, research organizations, and project openings.

The benefits of scholarship and research at an institution such as La Sierra University are twofold. First is the creation of new knowledge which, through its application, can enrich the quality of life. Second, the students who participate in the endeavor receive a type of education which is unique. Many students who have this opportunity go on to become primary contributors themselves.

The La Sierra University Office of Sponsored Research provides services to the University research and education community in the following areas:

  • Reviews proposals; negotiates awards; and administers agreements for scholarly research, education, and training programs, assuring compliance with all applicable sponsor regulations and University policies and procedures.
  • Notifies and updates the University community about funding opportunities as well as sponsor policies and application guidelines.
  • Maintains a database of information about sponsored project proposals and awards.

The internet provides an excellent source of information about grants and other funding opportunities. You will notice that our site has links to a number of organizations that either provide funding in support of scholarly research or provide information for those seeking support. Our suggestion is that you take some time and explore these on-line resources at your leisure. If you would like assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact our office either by phone (951) 785-2454 or e-mail (osr@lasierra.edu).

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