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Spiritual Life

University Worship and Assembly Policy


Worship Requirements

Worship meets every week, except during exam week and University-approved breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks).

  • University Worship will happen six times a quarter on Thursday at 11a in the La Sierra University Church (LSUC).
  • Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) programs will be held once during quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring).  Three meetings are scheduled:  one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.  All will be at 11a in the La Sierra University Church (LSUC).
  • Breakout Worship will meet four times a quarter on Thursday at 11a at various locations on the La Sierra University Campus.
  • All first year students will automatically be assigned to meet with their IGNITE (First-year Orientation) groups for Fall quarter Breakout Worship.  Meetings will be held in Hole Memorial Auditorium (HMA) unless otherwise posted.
  • Student's whose behavior is disruptive or disrespectful will be disciplined and lose attendance credit.  Please refrain from studying, the use of portable electronics (computers, iPods, cell phones, etc.), loud conversations and other inappropriate behavior.

Assembly Programs

University assemblies are held three times per quarter on Tuesday at 11a.  Assembly programs are planned and coordinated by the Office of the Provost.  Dates and locations vary.  Please see the Schedule for this year's dates and locations.

Attendance Requirements

  • Worship and Assembly programs, see [Exemptions and Exceptions below].
  • Students are required to attend 12 of the 15 University Worship, Breakout Worship and Assembly programs scheduled each quarter.  All undergraduate students (regardless of age) taking eight or more units are required to attend.
  • Any student arriving more than 10 minutes past the starting time will not receive credit for that University Worship, Breakout Worship or Assembly program.  Likewise, any student leaving prior to dismissal will not receive credit.
  • Students who fail to attend the required number of quarterly UW/Assemblies will be choosing the following consequences:
    • The first time (quarter) offense will result in student going on Citizenship Probation and will be notified by having a Hold placed on their registration and will require a  visit to the Student Life Office.
    • The second time offense will result in the student being placed in Critical Citizenship Probation and a hold will be placed on their registration. (see pg. 66 of Student Handbook)

Attendance Registration

Attendance for University Worship and Assemblies held in La Sierra University Church is registered by obtaining an attendance card from a University monitor between 10:50 and 11a, completing the requested information on the card and returning it to a monitor within 15 minutes after the program's dismissal.

Each individual student must turn in his or her card at the end of the program in order to be counted present.  Attendance is not registered for any student turning in a card early or late.

Attendance for approved Breakout Worship groups or departmental assemblies is registered by cards or by signing in with the approved advisor. *Sign in sheets are processed after Student Life receives them from the worship coordinator.  Please allow up to three weeks to process attendance.

Students are not permitted to hand in their card then not attend University Worship, Breakout Worship or Assemblies.  Also, students turning in more than one attendance card will not receive credit for any of the cards turned in.

Such offenses will result in an absence on the record for the date and if more than tree absences occur from this offense, then an unsatisfactory designation for the quarter will result.

Exemptions and Exceptions

The University grants date specific exemptions and full quarter exemptions under the following grounds listed below.

  1. Students who have no class or lab prior to 1p on Worship or Assembly days will automatically be excused for those meetings.
  2. Students fulfilling mandatory student teaching requirements, observation assignments or internships.  Please note:  You will not be cleared if your department has not given Student Life prior notification.
  3. Severe medical conditions that temporarily affect Worship or Assembly attendance will be excused.  The condition must be verified in writing by an attending physician or from the Health Services department.
  4. Students away from campus on an authorized academic field trip.  Please note:  You will not be cleared if the professor has not notified Student Life.
  5. Family emergencies can excuse Worship or Assembly.  Please submit a petition within one week of the requested absence to be excused.
  6. Students who are parents and responsible for caring for their child(ren) during Worship or Assembly programs may be excused if the parent supplies a copy of the birth certificate to Student Life.
  7. ESL students, graduate students, Evening Adult Degree Program (EADP) students, students who have already been awarded a bachelors degree and students taking less than the eight units are automatically exempt from attending the required Worship and Assembly programs (however, they are welcomed to participate at any time).
  8. Work conflicts can be petitioned when financial need can be demonstrated.  exemptions for volunteer work, lunch, running errands, class meetings, homework or other personal business may not be granted.  Work petitions need to be submitted on corporate letterhead from the employer stating hours of work and inability to take part in Worship or Assembly.

The Attendance Review Committee will review all petitions for exemptions and exceptions.  In cases of private or other unusual circumstance, a student may petition directly with the Associate Vice President for Student Life to discuss having such absences excused.

Date-specific exemptions must be applied for within the first two weeks of the quarter.  Requests are good for one quarter only.  A new request must be submitted each quarter.

The process and required forms for exemption can be found here.

Monitoring Attendance

It is the student's responsibility to treat Worship and Attendance as any other required class.  Students can monitor their attendance records by following these instructions.  If a discrepancy is noted, it is the responsibility of the student to resolve this discrepancy with the Office of Student Life two weeks prior to the close of the quarter.

Noncompliance Sanctions

A student who does not comply with the University's attendance policies will be put on Citizenship Probation and be notified by having a Hold placed on his or her registration, requiring a visit to the Student Life Office upon the first offense.  

Citizenship Probation

Students will be notified of their probation status by mail (to their permanent address) the week following the end of the quarter for which they fail to meet the requirement.  This letter will include a copy of the Worship and Assembly policy for the student to review.

A student may have his/her attendance probation status nullified after three consecutive quarters of compliance.  Students who are on "Citizenship Probation" will have a discipline file on record in Student Life and be subject to all activity restrictions that apply.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), La Sierra University is permitted to share student discipline files with school officials with legitimate educational interest; other schools to which a student is transferring (including graduate schools) and employers seeking recommendations (with student consent).

Students can petition to have their "probation" status and discipline file expunged after three consecutive quarters of satisfactory Worship and Assembly attendance.  Seniors violating this policy will be required to wait one year after graduation to request that their file be expunged.  Petitions will be presented before the Student Life Committee for consideration.

Appeals Process

The student who is under disciplinary review and does not believe the disciplinary action is fair has the right to request of the Associate Vice-President for Student Life in writing for the disciplinary action to be reviewed by the Student Life committee.  All appeals must be made two weeks prior to the end of the quarter.  Please refer to the Disciplinary Appeals Process as outlined in the Student Handbook.

One year from the date of the violation, a student who has had no further disciplinary problems may appeal to the Student Life Committee to have the matter expunged from their record.

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