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Spiritual Life

Why We Worship

Why is does La Sierra University require worship attendance?

1. We worship because we believe in God.

We believe God is everything. God is not in things, things are in Him. He is not limited to special functions and places. The apostle Paul speaking to the Athenians said 'For in him we live and move and have our being' (Acts 17:28). We believe that God does not respect our artificial distinctions of sacred and secular. The whole creation is sacred because it is all God’s (Rom 11:36). The prophet Isaiah said, “the whole earth is full of God’s glory! (Isaiah 6:3).

How does one respond to this God? How does one act in God’s world? We act humbly, more aware, more respectful, with wonder and awe.  All of life becomes an act of worship, because all of life is lived in God’s sacred space.

At La Sierra our worship gatherings are like salt, they are a small part of what we do, but they affect everything. We worship God in our church so that we may worship and serve him everywhere else: the classroom, the lab, the residence halls, the library, the athletic fields, etc.

Worship services, gatherings of thanksgiving and praise, the hearing of the Word of God and service opportunities are integral to the La Sierra University experience.

2. We worship God because we believe the Gospel.

At La Sierra every worship experience/opportunity is a reminder, a memorial of God’s amazing love. In worship we do something we can never overdo: we say thank you.

When God wanted to reveal his love, he didn’t speak in thunder or blinding light. The word he spoke was ‘Jesus’, the One who came from the father’s side full of grace and truth. (John 1:14) God loved us so much that “he gave his only Son that whoever believes will not perish but have everlasting life”. (John 3:16)

In worship we have an opportunity to rehearse and repeat the story of our redemption in Jesus Christ. For some of us this is a weekly reminder of how much God loves us, for others it is the first encounter we have with the Gospel.

3. We worship because we are created to do so.

David wrote “My Soul thirsts for you”(Psalm 42:1). We believe that our longings point to God and are fulfilled in God. We fully understand what it means to be human when we acknowledge and worship God.  We believe that worship is a place where our purpose for existing is most perfectly fulfilled.

4. We worship because it is our heritage.

The founders of La Sierra University had in mind a place where more than the transfer of knowledge would happen. They wanted to form individuals who would know and serve God. Worship embodies the heart and soul of that mission.

When you come to LSU you join something that was here long before you arrived. You join a family with unique traditions and practices.  Worship is a way to bring together the fractured life of a very diverse and very busy campus.


Our Commitment in Planning Worships

Commitment to Theological and Biblical Integrity

As a Christian Seventh-day Adventist institution we are committed to theological and biblical integrity. Our worships will reflect our commitment to our church and to our doctrines.

Commitment to Learning

We don’t know everything about God or how to worship God. We believe the need to worship is natural, however the capacity and ability for authentic worship is not. So these must be taught and cultivated. In our gatherings we are learning the disciplines of enjoying the presence of God.

Commitment to Diversity

A Christian University is a place where one’s vision of God, and therefore one’s humanity is expanded and made more meaningful. This means growing in understanding and appreciating how Christians have worshipped in the past and how they worship now. We want to be considerate, intentional, and sensitive to all the many ways that culture, ethnicity, gender, style, traditions, theology, etc. contribute to worship. This means that services will at times feel very familiar and other times very foreign.  This is all part of learning to live in a diverse community.

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