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Spiritual Life


Are there any classes that I have to take?
Students wishing to participate in the year-long Taskforce or International Missions Program of La Sierra University will be required to take two six-unit preparatory courses prior to their term of service or, with permission of the Missions Director, satisfactorily complete the Passport to Missions course offered by the General Conference.

Missionaries wishing to defer their student loans will take the two six-unit classes, a six-unit Education course in the Fall Quarter and a six-unit Religion course in the Spring Quarter of service.  See Expenses/Finance section above for more information about loan deferment.

Is there training beforehand?
Each mission opportunity is unique, and many positions provide some training for volunteers once you arrive.  The General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists also requires Passport for Missions, a preparatory course for student missionaries before they begin volunteering.

Missions at La Sierra University strives to further prepare students involved in summer or year-long service by providing a Nuts ‘n Bolts class, a workshop taught by former student missionaries about specific issues that students may face in the mission field.