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Calls/Positions Available

How can I find out about available calls?

Visit our Mission Oportunities page!


I want to serve as a student missionary, but I can’t give up an entire year.  Are there any summer calls available?

Yes!  Missions at La Sierra University has been working hard to find summer calls.  Currently, there are medical missionary opportunities as well as evangelistic and orphanage missions available.  Click here for for more information about available Summer trips.


Do I have to leave the US?

No.  Although overseas missions calls seem to receive more emphasis, there is still a great need for student missionaries within the United States.  Taskforce is a volunteer program that recruits college students.  For more information about Taskforce visit the General Conference website to search for calls within North America.

I’m an international student.  Can I become a student missionary?

Yes!  But you MUST see the OISS office to work on I-20 details.

If you are unable to leave the country, don’t be discouraged!  You can still be involved in some of our week-long and summer positions that happen within the US.  Visit the STORM (Short-term Outreach Missions) page here.


I’m less than 18 years old.  Can I get involved?

Although participants in summer and year-long mission terms must be 18 years or older, we allow minors that have parental/guardian permission to participate in some of our week-long mission trips, such as Katrina Relief.  For more information about the week-long mission trip opportunities click here.


I’m not a Seventh-day Adventist.  What options are available to me?

Missions at La Sierra University is proud to offer you some incredible opportunities! You can opt to get involved in one of our week-long mission trips, visit the STORM page.  If you are interested in participating for a longer amount of time, please contact our office for moe information.


Are there any mission trip opportunities coming up soon?

The Missions’ staff is excited about the increasing number of mission trips that we are organizing!  See our calendar of events for an upcoming trips or visit the STORM page for trips offered this school year.


I am not a La Sierra University student. Can I get involved in missions?

Definitely!  We welcome community involvement in missions.  There are a variety of week-long and summer mission trips that are open to you.  If you are interested in serving in a year-long position, you must apply to La Sierra University as well as the Missions department. departments/spirituallife/missions/missionsdata/opportunities.htmlEmail admissions at itejeda@lasierra.edu for University Admittance policies.


Link to Missions Application

Link to La Sierra University Admissions Application


Are there only teaching positions available?  What other positions are offered?

Although teaching calls make up a majority of the year-long mission opportunities ("teach a child to fish..."), there are a variety of positions that you can fill.  Right now available positions include medical assistants, academy deans, maintenance workers, orphanage workers, publications’ editors, personal tutors, youth pastors and much more!  Missions Opportunities


Can I create or extend a call?

Yes.  If you find a mission opportunity that is not listed with one of our listed organizations, please let us know and we will do our best to make your dream a reality.  Please let us know of the position.  This is to protect you from unnecessary physical, emotional, and spiritual harm.  Extensions are common for La Sierra University students.  We encourage you to pray about it and to limit your extension to one year for SM's who have not yet completed their undergraduate degree.


Is there training beforehand?

Yes.  Please see the "Classes" link for more information.


Are there days off or do I have to work around the clock?

Volunteers should and will have regular time off from their duties to pursue interests and rejuvenate.  However, all La Sierra University standards of conduct and behavior apply to the volunteer at all times, even off duty.  See our Student Handbook for more details.


Do La Sierra University’s standards apply when I’m abroad?

Yes!  Download the Student Handbook here.