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How much will a regular/year-long term mission trip cost me?

Missions Cost:

$500 + Cost of Airfare

Academic Cost:

$240/unit for 12 units...(a saving of over $4500 if you took the same classes on campus!)

"Hidden fees?":

  • immunizations
  • visa renewal processing & travel while overseas (if applicable)
  • passport photos
  • country-specific supplies
  • food and other necessities while serving

Loan Deferment:

Students wishing to participate in the year-long Taskforce or International Missions Program of La Sierra University will be required to take two six-unit preparatory courses prior to their term of service or, with permission of the Missions Director, satisfactorily complete the Passport to Missions course offered by the General Conference.

Missionaries wishing to defer their student loans will take the two six-unit classes, a six-unit Education course in the Fall Quarter and a six-unit Religion course in the Spring Quarter of service.  The break-down is as follows:

Fall Quarter of Service:

EDCI 408 Teaching Student Missionary Preparation (3 units)

EDCI 409 Teaching Student Missionary Fieldwork (3 units)

Spring Quarter of Service:

RLGN 306 Sociocultural Principles for Students in Cross-cultural Service (4 units)

RLGN 306F Field Experience in Cross-cultural Service (2 units)

Final approval for loan deferment and financial arrangements will be made with the missionary and Student Financial Services prior to enrollment in the class.

Tax Deductible Donations?

Yes! You can donate online or mail checks to:


4500 Riverwalk Pkwy.

Riverside, CA 92515

Make Checks Payable to:  La Sierra University and

Memo: Missions