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Spiritual Life


Am I provided with housing?

Yes.  Most, if not all sites, will have housing available for their volunteers.


Will I be living on the mission compound?

Maybe.  Depending on what type of position you are filling and the position site, you may be living in an apartment adjacent to or on the mission compound.  However, some sites that do not have living quarters on the compound will provide housing and transportation for the volunteers.


Will I have roommates?

Most likely.  Most sites provide apartments or houses for their volunteers that will be shared with a few others.  In a few cases, you may be living with a host family.


What food arrangements do I have to make?

Each summer and year-long volunteer will have one of the following options:

  1. be provided with a monthly or bi-weekly stipend once they arrive at their destination of service,
  2. eat on-site in the cafeteria
  3. fundraising for their meals before leavig the US.


What happens if I get sick?

Please visit our Immunizations page.