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Spiritual Life

Getting Involved

I went out as an SM from a different school.  How can I get involved here?
Missions needs your help!  One of our office goals is to reunite and connect all returned student missions.  You can help out with support of the current missionaries, or being a part of our missions programs.  We also have regular potlucks so that you can meet and greet other SM friends!  Please contact our office at (951) 785-2090, option 3 or email us at missions@lasierra.edu.

I want to support a student missionary who is currently serving.   Where can I start?
Prayer is essential for keeping student missionaries connected with God.  Also, communication with people back home is a key component in supporting student missionaries.  Every letter, email, and card will be greatly appreciated!  If you’re feeling adventurous, find out what the student missionary’s favorite snacks and hobbies are and send them a care package!