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Peru Tour Extension

APRIL 1 • IQUITOS–LIMA (Fri) Return from Iquitos and bed down in a Lima suburb, once the locus of an Adventist church ranch. Hotel Betsy BL

APRIL 2 • LIMA–ISLANDS CRUISE–ICA (Sat) Having toured Peru’s la sierra (mountain region) and la selva (jungle region) depart via motor coach to experience the third of Peru’s three major ecological zones, la costa (desert costal region). Selected sites in the dry costal desert have received no recorded rainfall for decades: rather, the region is fed by riverlets from the Andes mountains that allow for the production of such agricultural crops as dates and grapes. Take a cruise to the Ballestas Islands, known as “Peru’s Galapagos,” and view thousands of sea lions, seals, and turtles plus tens of thousands of bird life—including albatrosses, pelicans, boobies, cormorants, and penguins. Following a late buffet lunch, settle in at the Las Dunas resort. Visit a nearby oasis and review a short biography on a Stahl school grad’s experience in Peru’s congress. Then select from such resort offerings as sand dune’s, library, museum, art gallery, horse back riding, sauna, pool, and sleep . Las Dunas Resort BL

APRIL 3 • ICA–NAZCA LINES FLIGHT–LIMA (Sun) Take a hearty breakfast and then board a small plane for an over flight of the mysterious Nazca Lines. These lines, spread across an incredible 500 sq km of arid and rock-strewn plain, remain one of the world’s great archae-ological conundrums. The area features over 800 straight lines and some 300 geometric figures, including 70 spectacular animal and plant drawings known as bio-morphs—creations that can be seen only from the air. Return to Lima, dine over the surf as the sun sets at the exquisite La Rosa Nautica restaurant. Then transfer to the airport for a midnight flight departure to Los Angeles. BD

APRIL 4 • LIMA–USA (Mon) Projected 8:30 AM LAX flight arrival Arrive LAX tired and happy (not with the rested feeling that you have spent a dozen days at Club Med!) and committed to making a difference, as did the Stahls. B