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service to others unite

Throughout the years the Stahl Center has sponsored events as well as collaborated with other organizations and individuals in providing stimulating projects and events for the community. Below you will find a number of our past projects and some exciting opportunities for future prospects.

Past Projects

Global Quilting
Garnering fourteen thousand quilts for AIDS babies and other displaced children world-wide, an ecumenical and international project embraced by quilters in thirty states and a dozen countries.

Global Service
Promoting volunteer service opportunities for students which include distributing quilts in Nairobi, extracting teeth in the Peruvian Andes, refurbishing medical launches on the Amazon, "diggin out" following the Tijuana floods, "sweeping up" after the Los Angeles riots, and contructing schools amongst the "floating islands" of Lake Titicaca.

Global Village
Coordinating with ADRA International a "live-in/teach-in/work-in" which attracted fully twenty thousand visitors to the La Sierra Campus as university students constructed and lived in an Asian long house, a South American choza, an African hut, a Southeast Asian refugee camp, and a North American homeless family's station wagon.

Justice March
Marshalling twelve thousand individuals to recreate a 1913 forced march along the shores of Peru's Lake Titicaca in which Stahl converts were arrested and marched "hatless and coatless" twenty-one miles to prison - a festive and ecumenical reenactment which commemorated the resultant inclusion of a religious toleration clause in the national constitution.

Coordinating a lecture series on the nature and mission of church in society; producing the Latin American folk mass "Mass Criolla," the African folk mass "Miss Luba," and Mozart's "Missa Brevis in C Minor;" and hosting artists who tell classical Asian stories through mime, song, and dance. A member of the Little Rock Nine has also presented lectures to students a number of times, as have well-known philanthropists and other social movers.

Future Prospects

Continued Global Service
Heightening student commitment to world service domestically and internationally through service opportunities, museum displays, public events, lectures, concerts, research, and publication.

Path of the Just
Modeling heroes for our students by planting a stand of trees on the La Sierra University campus mall with each tree honoring an individual whose life of altruistic service has fostered religious toleration, human rights, and personal empowerment.

Harry Miller Lectureship
Inaugurating the Harry Miller Lectureshipon World Service, named in honor of a Path of the Just honoree whose pioneering health and nutrition endeavors in Asia model altruistic service.

Global Piecemaking
Continuing the distribution of quilts to AIDS babies and other displaced children in Calcutta orphanages, Nairobi hospices, and - via river boat and elephant track - Thai villages.

"Global Piecemaking"
Producing a photo essay volume featuring quilt making, quilt distribution, and quilt displays at such public sites as the United Nations Plaza - plus endorsement essays by world leaders.

Stahl Film
Producing a film on the arresting story of self-supporting missioners Fernando and Ana Stahl.

Action/Reflection Materials
Drawing upon the Center's interdisciplinary personnel, international network, and cosmopolitan location to develop readings and journaling assignments for students placed in service settings, and also to offer cross-cultural orientation seminars to church and community.