Frequently Asked [Summer] Questions

How can I find which classes are being offered?

Currently, Summer 2014 courses can only be found by viewing La Sierra University Summer Program's summer courses webpage.  The official La Sierra University Course Schedule should be available for viewing around the middle of Winter Quarter 2014.  If you have further questions, please contact us at or 951.785.2148.

Are there prerequisites for the classes I want to take?

Some classes have prerequisites, others do not. To find prerequisites, please see the 2013-2014 Academic Bulletin.  If you are coming in as a one-stop student, you do not need to turn in your transcripts.

When can I register?

Registration opens Monday, April 7 for La Sierra University students and Monday, April 14 for non-La Sierra University students.  It will remain open until the first day of each class, as long as there is still room in the class you are trying to register for.

How do I register?

  • Visiting students: Fill out the Unspecified Student Registration Form and fax or deliver to the Registrar's Office. Under Registration Type, check One-Stop. If the class is not yet full, an instructor's signature is not required.  For the fastest service, visit the Registrar's Office.
  • Applying undergraduates: Fill out the Undergraduate Online Application Form. Additional items listed at the Undergraduate Application link on this page must be submitted to the Office of Admissions & Records. Once all items are received and file is reviewed, an email will be sent to you indicating your admission status with instructions regarding registration.
  • Current La Sierra students: If you are currently attending La Sierra University, apply for summer classes as you would apply for any other quarter.  You must obtain your PIN to register.  Your PIN can be given to you from your adviser or the Registrar's Office.
  • Pacific Union Teachers: For directions on how to register, please view the Pacific Union Conference Teacher Registration Instructions.

What if classes are full?

To find out if classes are full, go to the Course Schedule (the official La Sierra Course Schedule page). Choose Summer of 2013 as the Term Description and All as your Class Status, then search. The maximum number allowed and the number of students registered for each class will be on the chart.  If a class is full, it will look tan instead of blue.  Because no official wait list is being kept, you will be responsible for checking the Course Schedule numbers for the class and following the appropriate steps to register if a spot opens up.

  • One-stop students, fax or turn in your paperwork anyways.  If an opening comes up in the course, you can call the Registrar's Office and they will add you in to the open slot.  You can reach them at 951.785.2410.
  • La Sierra University Students, if you see an opening, you can go to Self-Service and register for the spot.  You will need your PIN in order to add the course.

Will my class be cancelled if a minimum number of students do not register?

Unfortunately, if a set minimum number of students do not register to take any given course, La Sierra University Summer Program reserves the right to cancel the class.  Students who are registered for the particular class will be notified approximately two weeks before the start of the class.  While rare, notification may happen up to the first day of class.

Can I use federal or private financial aid or educational subsidies?

Federal or private loans are acceptable forms of financial aid, as long as the monies have been verified by the Student Financial Services office.  Please contact them for more information at 951.785.2175 or  Educational subsidies may be used.  Please fill out the form and contact the Student Financial Services office for verifcation on the dollar amount you qualify for.

What books do I need?

You can find out which books are required for your class by [1] going to the La Sierra bookstore (located below the cafeteria), [2] calling the bookstore at 951.785.2196, or [3] going online and selecting textbooks and course materials.  The Chemistry Department is using e-books.  For more information, go to and look at Course Information under the Book Navigation column on the left hand side.

Do I need an ID card?

An ID card is required for all students taking classes at La Sierra University.  The card may be used for fitness center, pool, track and field access, which are all included in your fees.  Each student is also given copying and printing credit for each "quarter" of courses taken, and ones ID card provides access.  In addition, the numbers on the back of your card are required for vehicle registration.  Lastly, the ID card will give evening access to the exterior campus gates.  (Gate hours are posted at every gate entrance and exit).  To obtain an ID card, go to the the Security Office in Calkins Hall between the hours of 8a and 6p or to the Student Life Office upstairs in the Administration building between 830a and 430p M-Th.

I go to school on the East Coast or somewhere that begins their academic year before my science series finishes at La Sierra University.  Can I still take the entire class sequence and pass?

La Sierra University has an 80% rule.  In order to pass any particular class, you must attend, at minimum, 80% of the classes.  For a 4-week summer session class (i.e. General Chemistry), you can only miss 4 classes and still pass.  For a 3-week summer session class (i.e. Organic Chemistry), you can only miss 3 classes and still pass.  If you decide to stay through the Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on how many weeks your class is), you can still pass the class.  You will just check out of lab and take all exams early.  However, you must work with your instructor to make sure that your needs will be accommodated in a timely fashion.  If you are planning on leaving early, please inform us as soon as possible.  It may be best to contact the instructor prior to registering for a course to be sure all accommodations can be made.

Can I live in the dorm this summer?

Yes.  You must first be registered for classes and have an ID number.  Then follow these steps:

  • Contact the Office of Residential Life to confirm your intentions (951.785.2492 or
  • Apply for Residence Hall living
  • You will receive the Summer Clearance Form after moving in
  • Take the Summer Clearance Form to Student Financial Services or the Bursars office for payment arrangements
  • Visit Student Life for your picture ID, giving you access to the dormitory building

How do I get my parking pass?

La Sierra University uses an Online Parking Management System and License Plate Reader Technology to manage vehicle access on campus.  There are no longer physical parking passes, but your car must be registered to parked in a lettered student lot and aviod receiving a citation.  To register your vehicle, you need your ID card (which can be obtained in Student Life or the Security Office).  Fill out the form and be sure to put your information in the Student box, not the Employee box.  If you are having difficulties finding the needed information to register online, you can also register in the Security Office, located in Calkins Hall.  They are open 24/7 and their business hours are Monday through Friday 8a-6p.  For students taking at least 12 units throughout the summer, parking passes are free.  For students taking less than 12 units, there will be a $20 fee assessed at the Security Office.

Where are my classes?

To find the location of each class, go to the Course Schedule.

Where can I print on campus?

La Sierra University's MICOL (computer lab) is located in Ambs Hall.  It will be open sporadically Monday through Thursday from 8a-12p and from 1-5p.  You should call first to make sure someone will be there.  Their number is 951.785.2333.

The Library is also available for use during the summer.  Please see the Library site for summer hours.

  • Last update on  December 03, 2013