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Placement Test Information for Freshman

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Placement Testing Information For Freshmen:

  • First, submit your ACT/SAT scores to LSU admissions. If you haven't taken an ACT or SAT you may take the national test (see links below) or sign up for our Residual (scores good only at LSU) ACT test, which is only given in the summer. SAT/ACT National Information

  • Next, sign-up for a 2-day Summer Orientation with the Center for Student Academic Success at www.lasierra.edu and click register for Summer Orientation. You may also call 951-785-2452 if you have questions or problems signing up for your orientation. 

  • On the day of your scheduled test(s), bring a photo id (driver's license, passport, or school id) to orientation check-in (you will need to have your photo id at all times). We will provide you with all the supplies you will need to complete the test which will include scratch paper and pencils. The test is on the computer with some questions allowing a pop up calculator on the computer.

    Note: If you take a placement exam outside of an orientation date the exam fee is $20 per exam ($40 if you take both English and Math)

    The Placement Test Requirement Can be Waived If You:

    Have already completed course(s) comparable to La Sierra University's College Writing and/or College Algebra, OR have obtained a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the English and/or Calculus subjects in Advanced Placement

    Have scored a certain level on the SAT/ACT tests.


    Students with a minimum SAT score of 550 or higher in Critical Reading or a minimum ACT score of 22 or higher in English are not required to take the English Placement Test but may enroll in College Writing (ENGL 111).

    In the event a student would have an SAT score of 340 or below in Critical Reading, the student will be placed directly into RDNG 001 (English Placement testing is not an option for students with these scores)


    Students with a minimum SAT score of 580 or higher or a minimum ACT score of 23 or higher in Math are not required to take the Math Placement Test but may enroll in the appropriate college level Math class.

    Students wishing to take trigonometry or calculus will be required to take the Math Placement Test and score into the appropriate level.

SAT/ACT National Testing Information

Need some more information about the SAT Test? 
Click on the College Board Online link to see their web page.


Need some more information about the ACT Assessment? 
Click on the ACT HOME link to jump to their web site. 


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