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University Studies

The foundational studies curriculum provides the competencies, basic skills and knowledge necessary for success within the student’s discipline and as a broadly trained citizen of the world.


  1. UNST 101 – Freshman Seminar (2 units)
    An introduction to La Sierra University life, including the history and ethos of the University, the general education curriculum, information technology and other learning resources. The course also addresses characteristic modes of thinking in the various academic disciplines, and develops effective learning strategies and skills. Must be enrolled during first and second quarters of attendance at LSU.
    • UNST 101a
    • UNST 101b

  2. Rhetorical Skills (4-13 units)
    Focus on writing, speaking and critical-thinking abilities.
    1. Freshman Rhetoric (4-9 units)
      1. Three courses focusing on writing, speaking and critical thinking.  (Taught and administered by the Department of English and Communication)
        • ENGL 111 – College Writing
        • ENGL 112 – College Writing
        • ENGL 113 – College Writing
      2. Qualifying students may complete ENGL 124 – Freshman Seminar in Writing.
    2. Upper Division Rhetoric (4 units)
      1. Upper division course in major focusing on advanced critical thinking, speaking and writing skills needed for success within the student’s discipline.
      2. Argumentation and Inquiry
        • COMM 304 – Advanced Expository Writing
        • ENGL 304 – Advanced Expository Writing
  1. Mathematics (4 units)
    • CPTG 117 - Problem Solving Using Computer Programming
    • MATH 115 – Applications of Mathematics
    • MATH 121 – College Algebra
    • MATH 155 - Intro to Statistics
  1. World Languages (4 units)
    Three consecutive quarters of the same college, non-English language through level 103 or achieve the appropriate score on the language placement exam. Students may complete the required sequence of course work offered through the Department of World Languages, or four quarters of Greek or the Hebrew sequence offered through the School of Religion.

    Courses in American Sign Language may be used to meet this requirement. Certification from an appropriate accredited body or an equivalent number of transfer credits is required.

  2. Health and Fitness (2 units)
    • HLSC 120 – Lifetime Fitness

*See bulletin for courses offered

*Foundational requirements, other than upper division argumentation and inquiry requirements, must be completed before a student is allowed to submit a senior contract.

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