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University Studies

Personal development and educational habits of mind are overarching goals in the University Studies learning Outcomes.  At the completion of the university experience, the student will have experienced challenging programming in the enriched environment of integrative learning.   University Studies includes Foundational Studies, integrated theme units, as well as a selection of breadth classes from within the various disciplines.

University Studies thematic, team taught units provide students opportunity for constructive relationships with teachers and peers while experiencing interdisciplinary teaching.  The integrated theme classes provide appropriate application, integration and transference of knowledge and the opportunity for creative self-expression.


1.Students will be able to acquire competencies essential for informed inquiry in Religious Studies, Fine Arts and aesthetics, Mathematics, English, Languages, Healthful living, Humanities, Social Sciences, & Natural Sciences.

2. Students will be able use proper rhetorical skills to persuade and inform.

3. Students will be able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their own and other’s ideas and concepts.

4. Students will be able to develop self-awareness and take responsibility for their actions.

5. Students will be able to develop a global perspective of diversity and will value and function effectively within a multi-dimensionally diverse society.

6. Students will be able to develop personal integrity, moral judgment, and religious beliefs as they define their worldviews and academic goals.

7. Students will engage in Service Learning and develop commitment to on-going service within their community.

8. Students will be able to function effectively with others working toward a common goal while recognizing and integrating individual contributions.


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