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where academic investigation +
christian faith +
service to others unite

Personal development and educational habits of mind are overarching goals in the University Studies learning Outcomes. At the completion of the university experience, the student will have experienced challenging programming in the enriched environment of integrative learning. University Studies includes Foundational Studies, integrated theme units, as well as a selection of breadth classes from within the various disciplines.

University Studies thematic, team taught units provide students opportunity for constructive relationships with teachers and peers while experiencing interdisciplinary teaching. The integrated theme classes provide appropriate application, integration and transference of knowledge and the opportunity for creative self-expression. 

University Studies

Student Learning Outcomes*
(approved by Senate December 5, 2014)

La Sierra’s general education curriculum is rooted in the concept of liberal education as a formative and transformative process. Its goal is to foster an understanding of and appreciation for Seventh-day Adventist Christianity, a commitment to intellectual excellence, and service to the global community.

  1. Students will demonstrate competencies essential for informed inquiry across disciplines.
  2. Students will demonstrate competency in written and oral communication.
  3. Students will recognize, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and ideas from multiple perspectives.
  4. Students will demonstrate a commitment to civic engagement and service to their community and the world.
  5. Students will demonstrate growth in personal integrity, moral judgment, and religious beliefs as they define their worldviews and academic goals.

*These Student Learning Outcomes are in harmony with La Sierra University SLOs , WASC Core Competencies, and patterned after the AA&U’s recommended SLOs for higher education in the 21st Century.