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The Spanish major is offered jointly through La Sierra University and Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) in Argentina and Spain. Students wishing to declare the Spanish major must score 61 or above on the Spanish Placement Test administered by the Department of World Languages. The year abroad is required of all majors, except those who can give evidence of having completed secondary school studies in their native Spanish-speaking country in Latin America or Spain (see below).


  1. -52 units, (48 upper division) SPAN and WDLG courses

  2. -Three Terms Abroad: Must have completed three full terms abroad in order to fulfill this requirement. Units accumulated abroad that do not apply to the major will apply to the 190 units needed for graduation with the B.A. in Spanish.

  3. -University Studies: Required of all students majoring in the Department of World Languages

Required Cognates:

(asterisked sequences taken in Argentina or Spain will substitute for the Stated Course:)

  1. -4 units SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish OR SPAN 213 Spanish for Spanish-Speakers

- 30 units from upper division language/literature/linguistics courses

  1. SPAN 312 Reading and Composition (*SPAN 462-463)

  2. SPAN 329 Advanced Spanish Grammar (*SPAN 452-453)

  3. SPAN 334 Advanced Spanish Linguistics

  4. SPAN 426 Spanish Civilization (*SPAN 301-303)

  5. SPAN 428 Spanish-American Civilization

  6. WDLG 495 Research (2 Units)

  7. Units from ENGL 484 Linguistics (required only for the secondary teaching credential) or u.d. Spanish Elective


  1. -18 units of Upper Division language/literature/linguistics

  2. SPAN 307 Advanced Language Proficiency

  3. SPAN 318 Introduction to Spanish Literature

  4. SPAN 347 Peninsular Spanish Literature (*SPAN 331-333)

  5. SPAN 348 Spanish-American Literature

  6. SPAN 417 Translation and Interpretation (*SPAN 422-423)

  7. SPAN 468 Themes in contemporary Spanish Literature

  8. SPAN 469 Themes in Contemporary Spanish-American Literature

  9. SPAN 499 Directed Study

    8 units, Required Cognates

  10. Latin American History or World History                    4

  11. History/Appreciation of Art/Music (*ART 321-323)     4

  12. WDLG 265 Lingua Domus (9 Units)                        3,3,3


•    Second language through intermediate level II (202 or 203)


MINORS (highly recommended for Educators)

A minor in a world language may not include courses numbered 151, 152, 153

  • French 28 units at the intermediate level or higher
  • German 28 units at the intermediate level or higher
  • Italian 28 units at the intermediate level or higher
  • Russian 28 units at the intermediate level or higher
  • Spanish 28 units, including SPAN 201, AND 202 or (213) , 307, 329 and one literature

The Spanish minor is recommended for Social Work majors. Any of the summer abroad programs strongly recommended (see department of Social Work)


Students preparing to teach at the secondary level should plan to qualify for state of California teaching credentials by completing the bachelor's degree and passing the PRAXIS (or SSAT) subject area assessment. During the freshman year prospective teachers of both secondary and elementary levels should see the School of Education section of the UNDERGRADUATE BULLETIN and consult the credential analyst and theDepartment of Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education for detailed information concerning requirements.

A further program leading to the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction designed for prospective elementary/secondary teachers is described in the GRADUATE BULLETIN.



A student who wishes to study on location a language not offered by the department may present to the department a request for independent language study, accompanied by a detailed study plan and specific objectives as worked out by the student and the advisor. This arrangement is most beneficial for students who have previously studied a language and who have demonstrated ability for independent study.

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