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World Languages


Well, LSU's Dept. of World Languages is now sponsoring LINGUA DOMUS (it means "language house" in Latin), a foreign language learning community where you can live and speak your foreign language 24/7.

LINGUA DOMUS is actually the first department-related learning community, open to any student on the LSU campus who meets the language level requirements. Ideally, residents should have completed the 202 level or have an advanced to superior level in a foreign language. Students who have returned from one of our summer, semester or year abroad programs would be ideal candidates to participate in LINGUA DOMUS.

The purpose of the program is to help students maintain and increase their proficiency in the language and to enrich their understanding of the culture/cultures that speak the language.

Interested students Interested students should contact Prof. Esther Saguar for information and an application form. Open to LSU enrolled students.

Did you think the only way you could learn and keep that foreign language you worked so hard to get was traveling overseas?

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