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Our mission involves three broad areas of activity:

  • Educating and promoting the formation of women leaders in all professions, with a particular focus on engaging young women
  • Advocating for gender inclusiveness and equality in the Adventist Church, with a more clear understanding of the Scriptures in relation to women.
  • Documenting and celebrating the important contributions women have and are continuing to make in their church, local community and world. 

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Women at La Sierra

Female math teachers' early influence pivotal, study says

July 17, 2014 | Darla Martin Tucker

Women comprise more than half of the population and account for almost half the workforce, yet they make up less than one-fourth of the science, mathematics and engineering labor pool. High school math teacher and La Sierra doctoral grad Sandra Stewart-Ximines’ research showed that teachers and mothers were among the most influential agents in determining the respondents’ early self-belief, or self-efficacy in their mathematics competency as well as their interest in attending college and teaching math. Read full story here.

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