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Women's Resource Center

About Us

The Women's Resource Center serves the campus, Riverside community and wider Seventh-day Adventist church community by deepening the conversation about gender and providing information, resources and support on issues related to gender. It advocates for women and minorities in leadership across all disciplines, including students and those already in the workplace; it collaborates with service providers and other organizations to increase awareness about women's and minority rights, prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, and to provide resources for healing and support; and it offers opportunities to celebrate the history, accomplishments and contributions of women and girls to their world and faith community through sponsored lectures and special events, film screenings, art exhibits, research fellowships, newsletters, and archival collections related to women leaders and thinkers.

Responding to its unique role as the only center of its kind at an institution of higher education within the Seventh-day Adventist church, the Women’s Resource Center at La Sierra University aims in particular to serve and support women clergy and those in ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. The Center also maintains a special library and archival collection of more than than 3,000 books, journals, pamphlets, posters audio recordings, and news files focused on gender. It is in the process of digitizing its holdings and developing new publications and resources related to women and religion.

Women's Resource Center

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