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Conflict Resolution in Healthcare

Core values that promote trust, diversity, personal and professional growth, mutual respect, and productive communications are absolute necessities in modern, innovative hospitals. Unfortunately, even the most well intentioned policies are undermined by unmanaged conflict. The professions within healthcare face escalating problems and changes that directly affect the experiences of patients and the interactions of those who work within the system. Conflicts within these systems and within individuals as a result can reduce the quality of patient care and complicate efforts to reduce costs as conflict itself becomes a distraction from delivering quality care.

Through design, promotion, implementation, developmental training and learning programs, hospitals with a commitment to excellence can diminish friction, increase productivity, and reduce escalation of disputes within the workplace and the marketplace. The purpose of this program is to promote voluntary, informal, and consensual dispute resolution, promote creative, efficient, and sensible outcomes in dispute resolution, and reduce the tangible and intangible costs, in time and resources, associated with workplace dispute resolution.

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