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Tuition and Financial Aid

Taking the next step in education is a personal investment in your own future. At La Sierra University, we have a student-centered focus when it comes to the quality and cost of your education. By providing you with competitive tuition costs, eliminating many of those pesky additional fees, freezing tuition based upon your rate at program entry, and offering free access to our highly qualified Student Financial Services staff, you can be free to focus on your education.

For financial aid and financial advising, Denyu Miller, from the La Sierra University Student Financial Services Office, is available for students in our programs. You can contact Denyu Miller at: 951-785-2175 ext. 2943 or email him at

Tuition Cost

Cost per unit: $777 for 2014-2015. Total cost for the regular program is $34,965 for students beginning during 2014-15 academic year enrolled in the traditional 45-unit program. Your tuition is frozen at the current rate of the year you begin, as long as you don’t break residency. Cohort members will receive a 35.5% merit-based scholarship, with qualifying GPA, need, and/or with administrative/executive status. The La Sierra MBA program is one of the best values for private education on the market today. La Sierra offers financial aid to help you cover the costs of your graduate education, and your employer may also have educational assistance available. Foundation courses are offered online at $1,000 per course. You can find a list of online foundation courses offered here.

Financial Aid

Information you need to know as an Executive Education Off-Campus student:
  • Confirm your student Status with Admission & Records or School of Business Contact
  • If you are expecting Financial Aid, apply for FAFSA at
What kind of Federal Aid would I be eligible for?
  • Professional MBA students are only eligible for Federal Loans. Maximum loans for graduate students for a school year would be $20,500; however, amount may vary based on the individual student loan aggregate and total number of units that will be completed for the school year. PMBA students must be enrolled for a minimum 4 units per quarter to be eligible for financial aid (loans).

Note: For new and returning students, our Loan process has changed. We are no longer using private lenders to process your federal loans. All federal loans will be process through the Department of Education using the following website Using your FAFSA pin, please complete your Mastery Promissory and Loan Entrance Counseling so as to expedite the processing of your financial aid.

If you are not planning on using financial aid or your financial aid will not cover your tuition costs, you are expected to pay in full as soon as you register. For further information regarding your finances, please contact Denyu Miller in the office of Student Financial Services at: 951-785-2175 ext. 2943 or email him at

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