The La Sierra Advantage

When you study at La Sierra University, you will:

  • Be able to choose from more than 60 possible majors.
  • Have a coach who will help you choose the right classes.
  • Study on a friendly campus where you can get to know your professors and classmates.
  • Have opportunities to join athletic teams, musical organizations, and cultural and activity clubs.
  • Take classes that let you serve others while you learn.
  • Be part of a campus that cares about your faith as well as your studies.

Still Deciding On A Major?

If you are having a hard time choosing a major for your college studies, you're in good company. A large number of students start college without declaring a major. And many of those who do select a major change to a different one before they graduate. College is a time of exploration. For much of your first two years you will take classes in areas such as English, science, world languages, math, and religion. You'll have a wide variety of interesting classes to choose from within the foundational and general studies requirements. You can use this time to find what interests you most. Foundational and general studies are a regular part of the curriculum for all students at La Sierra University. By fulfilling these requirements, you are making progress toward graduation even before you choose your major. So you're not "wasting time" in college before you select your major. You're on the way to your future!

I was eager to start my studies at La Sierra University, however, I was concerned about my struggles to settle on a major. After one quarter, I befriended faculty and staff who introduced me to the world of service and I knew that criminal justice was the path for me."

Laura Ramos, Criminal Justice Major