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Campus-Wide Email

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Publication Guide

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Media Experts Guide

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La Sierra University

News Media Contact Info If you are a member of the news media, please contact:

Larry Becker, Executive Director of University Relations

La Sierra University
Administration Building #231
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA 92515

Phone: (951) 785-2001
Fax: (951) 785-2406
Emergency: (951) 334-7175
E-mail: pr@lasierra.edu

Press Releases Contact us to receive University Press Releases

Darla Martin Tucker, Director of Public Relations

Phone: (951) 785 2016

E-Mail: dmartint@lasierra.edu

Campus-Wide Email: Guidelines

  1. The Campus-wide e-mail (hereafter: CW) is operated at La Sierra University for the purpose of immediate communication with all faculty and staff and a few student leaders about matters pertaining to the University. Matters pertaining to the University includes:

    • breaking university-related news
    • special notations on classes, registration or scheduling
    • special requests for information that apply to a wide section of CW users
    • notification of births, deaths, funerals
    • Notification or correction of special events that are sponsored by the university entities
    • Special requests for prayer (for current or former faculty, staff or students, or their immediate family)
    • Special items relating to the university's established audiences or university’s, on or off campus
    • health and safety issues that relate to the immediate campus
    • general university announcements

  2. Items may be submitted by current faculty, staff or students, or their respective campus departments, offices, committees or clubs using a La Sierra University e-mail address.
  3. Persons on the CW list include current faculty and staff, plus a few student leaders, upon their request or the request of their supervisor. Trustees may also request to be on the list. Names may be added to or deleted from the list at the discretion of the University Relations office. Employees are not removed unless employment has been terminated. The CW list is managed by the University Relations office. The CW list is the property of the University Relations office and is not available for distribution.
  4. CW e-mail is managed and/or edited by the University Relations office and may be deemed unworthy of distribution at their discretion. The University Relations office will routinely check for and send out CW e-mails daily, unless a special request is made for immediate action via a phone call.
  5. CW messages will be sent out only one time. Special cases may allow for a reminder message, upon request, left to the discretion of the University Relations office.
  6. Items to be avoided on CW e-mail include:
    • items of off-campus interest primarily
    • items pertaining to students primarily
    • items for raising money for individual causes
    • personal items for rent or for sale
    • items for sale by any entity
  7. Any other issues not specifically listed in the guidelines represented will be determined by the University Relations office.

Publication Guidelines

What needs to get approved from University Relations?

  1. Items that are sent off campus from the University.
  2. Items that have a potential for an off campus audience.
    For example, brochures, bulletin inserts, and fliers or posters placed in prominent locations.
  1. Advertisements in any form, excluding classifieds.
  2. If you have recurring projects University Relations would be happy to create a template for you and you could just supply us with the data needed each time.
  3. Submit publications: You may physically bring items to University Relations, Administration Building room 231, or you could submit items as a PDF. University Relations does retain the right to ask for a printed version if the PDF has any problems.

If you are not certain if an item should be approved please feel free to ask. We want to work with you on projects.

Timelines: turnaround time will be at a minimum. If there is a change this could slow down the process.

Misc. publications items

  1. The La Sierra University seal is reserved for specific publications. If you have questions about seal use please contact University Relations.
  2. Remember, design work from the University Relations office is free. We want to work with you on projects. You will only need to pay for production costs.

Media Guidelines:
If a reporter calls your office please call University Relations and make them aware. You could even email pr@lasierra.edu and let them know what happened. Just tell us who you spoke with, what the topic was and what publication the reporter works with. If you need assistance with media please feel free to contact University Relations, 951-785-2001.

If you have a story idea and would like to work toward placing it with the press, please work through the University Relations office. We have made very good contacts over the years and can help direct your piece to the most appropriate reporter. Also, it is essential if the University were to ever face a crisis that the media know who the spokespersons are.

Media Experts Guide

College of Arts and Sciences

Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein, MFA, James Madison University
Chair, associate professor of art
painting, drawing, contemporary art

Susan D. Patt, MFA Miami University
Associate professor of art
Textiles and fibers, drawing, book arts, art appreciation

Terrill Thomas, BFA Art Center College of Design
Assistant professor of art
Interactive design

L. Lee Grismer, PhD Loma Linda University
Professor of biology
Herpetology, systematics, biogeography

John Perumal, PhD University of Western Ontario
Associate professor of biology
Botany, ecology

Eugene Joseph, PhD Morehouse School of Medicine
Assistant professor of biology

Natasha Dean, PhD Loma Linda University
Assistant professor of biology

G. Roger Tatum, PhD University of Maryland
Professor of chemistry
Instrumental and inorganic chemistry

Marvin Payne, PhD University of North Texas
Chair, associate professor of chemistry
Biochemistry, enzyme mechanisms

Nate Brandstater, PhD University of California, Los Angeles
Associate professor of chemistry
Physical chemistry

Krista Motschiedler, PhD University of California, Los Angeles
Assistant professor of chemistry
Physical organic chemistry


Robert Dunn, University of Wisconsin
Professor of English
English Renaissance, religion and literature

Winona Howe, PhD University of California, Riverside
Professor of English
Romantic and Victorian literature, children’s and young adult literature

Mary Wilson, PhD University of Southern California
Chair, associate professor of communication
Organizational communication, mass communication


Vernon Howe, PhD Dartmouth College
Chair, professor of mathematics
Algebra, modeling, theoretical computer science

Cheng Ng, PhD University of California, Irvine
Professor of mathematics
Algorithims, data structures

Enoch Hwang, PhD University of California, Riverside
Associate professor of computer science
Databases, networking, hardware

Barbara Kreaseck, PhD University of California, San Diego
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Distributed computation, performance modeling, evaluation


William C. Andress
Associate Professor of Health and Exercise Science (2007)
DPH Loma Linda University 1988
health science, laughter

Laura Fenton
Associate Professor of Health and Exercise Science (2011)
MA Western Michigan University 1998
pedagogy, sport science

Wayne Borin
Assistant Professor of Health and Exercise Science (2008)
EdD University of San Diego 2003
corporate fitness, exercise prescription, lifetime fitness


Delmer Ross, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
Latin America and transportation history, American and comparative government

Won Yoon, PhD Louisiana State University
Social theory, research methods, ethnic diversity, Asian studies

Jeffrey Dupée, PhD Claremont Graduate University
Chair, associate professor
European history, British colonialism, modern China, legal studies

Andrew Howe, PhD University of California, Riverside
Assistant Professor
American history and civilization, culture and film studies

Lisa Kohlmeier, MA, PhD program Claremont Graduate University
Assistant professor
American history, women’s intellectual and cultural history, gender studies

Vernon Howe, PhD, Dartmouth College
Chair, professor
Algebra, modeling, theoretical computer science

Wilton Clarke, PhD University of Iowa
Topology, algebra, mathematics education

Jon Vanderwerff, PhD University of Alberta
Functional analysis, geometry of Banach spaces

James W. Beach, DA Idaho State University
Associate Professor
Numerical Analysis, probability, statistics

John D. Ng Wong Hing, MA University of California, Los Angeles
Assistant Professor
Mathematics education, logic and foundations

Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, PhD Brown University
Chair and professor
Spanish renaissance and contemporary Spanish American literature

Esther Saguar Sierra, MA Universidad de Valencia
Assistant professor
Philogoy, Spanish language and literature


Elvin S. Rodriguez, EdD Teachers College of Columbia University
Piano, music technology

Donald W. Thurber, PhD, University of North Texas
Music education, church music

Kimo Smith, DMA University of California, Los Angeles
Chair and Associate Professor
Piano, organ, theory

Barbara Favorito, DMA University of Miami
Associate professor
Conducting, instrumental

Rene M. Ramos, PhD Indiana University
Associate professor
Musicology, theory

Kenneth Narducci, DMA University of Oregon
Associate professor
Conducting, theory, composition

Raejin Lee, MMus Indiana University at Bloomington
Assistant professor
Voice, music education

E. Earl Richards II, MMus University of California, Los Angeles
Assistant professor

Jason J. Uyeyama, MMus, The Julliard School
Assistant professor
Violin, Taylor String Quartet, chamber music


Ivan E. Rouse, PhD, Washington State University
Chair and professor
Condensed matter'


Adeny Schmidt, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Developmental psychology, research methodology

In-Kyeong Kim, PhD Cornell University
Associate professor
Cognitive psychology, perceptual and cognitive development

Paul M. Mallery, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Associate professor
Social and political psychology, intergroup relations

Leslie R. Martin, PhD, University of California, Riverside
Chair and Associate professor
Personality and social psychology, health psychology

Suzanne Mallery, PhD Fuller Theological Seminary
Assistant professor
Clinical psychology, pediatric psychology


Daphne C. Thomas, MSW, Smith College
Assistant professor
Field coordinator

School of Business

Lee Reynolds, PhD, University of Nebraska
Professor and coordinator
Financial Management, investment analysis, value based management

George O. Ogum, DBA University of Memphis
Associate professor
International finance, financial management, banking, emerging capital markets finance, corporate finance, financial econometrics

John Thomas, PhD, Claremont Graduate University
Associate professor 
Dean of the School of Business
Behavioral finance, political economy, development studies, social entrepreneurship

Tadeusz Kugler, PhD Claremont Graduate University
Assistant professor
Restructuring the global economy, conflict forecasting, negotiation and modeling

Elias G. Rizkallah, PhD, Northwestern University
Professor and coordinator
International marketing, strategic marketing planning, marketing management, consumer behavior

School of Education

Elissa Kido, EdD Boston University

Linda Caviness, PhD Andrews University
Associate professor

Sandra J. Ball, PhD University of Missouri
Associate professor

Chang-Ho Ji, PhD, Andrews University, University of California, Riverside
Chair and associate professor

Dora Clarke-Pine, PhD Andrews University
Associate professor

Saacha Hake, PhD California School of Professional Psychology
Assistant Professor


School of Religion

V. Bailey Gillespie, PhD Claremont Graduate University
Theology, Christian nature

Lawrence T. Geraty, PhD Harvard University
Old testament studies, archaeology

Fritz Guy, PhD University of Chicago Divinity School
Theology, philosophy, ethics

Charles Teel, Jr., PhD Boston University
Religion and society, Christian ethics

Warren C. Trenchard, PhD University of Chicago
Professor and University Provost
Biblical languages, New Testament background and interpretation, early Christian literature

John W. Webster, PhD Princeton Theological Seminary
Theology, history of Christianity, philosophy

Ginger Hanks Harwood, PhD Iliff School of Theology
Associate professor
Social ethics, theology

John R. Jones, PhD Vanderbilt University
Associate professor
Biblical languages and background, scriptural interpretations and theology, phenomenology of religions

Wonil Kim, PhD Claremont Graduate University
Associate Professor
Exegesis, theology, and hermeneutics of the Old Testament

Kendra Haloviak, PhD Graduate Theological Union
Assistant professor
New Testament studies, Christian ethics, pastoral ministry