The La Sierra University Advantage

  • Study near one of the largest musical centers in the United States -- Los Angeles!
  • Participate in one (or a few!) of our many ensembles and receive scholarship funds.
  • Study with teachers who are at the heart of the music scene. Our faculty, staff, and private teachers are performers in world-class ensembles including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Master Chorale, the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, motion picture recording studios, and many more.
  • Gain real-life practical experience recording with La Sierra Studios, our very own recording studio.
  • Learn from professors in smaller classes, giving the opportunity to learn in a conservatory atmosphere at a liberal arts university. Explore music through different vantage points, both through the European tradition and the modern world.
  • Study in a performance program that is very comprehensive and includes many opportunities to perform as a soloist and collaboratively in small and larger groups.
  • Be part of a program that has placed students into top tier graduate music programs and conservatories such as Julliard, the University of Michigan, Teacher's College Columbia University, USC, and the Manhattan School of Music, to name a few.

Why Study Music?

At the La Sierra University Department of Music you can develop your love for music while pursuing a liberal arts education. Students who study music at La Sierra:

  • Go on to pursue professional music careers and continue their studies at world-renowned institutions such as the Julliard School, the University of Southern California, the University of California at Los Angeles, and others.
  • Become conductors, instrumentalists, high school music teachers, world-class performers, professors, and doctors with an appreciation of music.
  • They study music for a deeper understanding of the culture that surrounds us and to discover how music fits into our society.

We invite you to be a part of the excitement and the experience of being a music student at La Sierra.

"That which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."


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