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The La Sierra Advantage

When you begin your journey to a health care career at La Sierra University, you will:

  • Receive assistance with applications to professional programs.
  • Receive advice on how to be a competitive applicant.
  • Have advisors who care about you as an individual and want to see you succeed.
  • Benefit from a recommendation committee.
  • Have access to on-site consultations from the Loma Linda University Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.
  • Be able to do an on-site interview with the Loma Linda University School of Nursing.

Looking For A Career In A Health Profession?

Do you enjoy helping people? Does being involved in health care interest you? According to the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of the 20 most rapidly growing occupations in the United States are in the field of health care.

In good economic times or bad, the need for health care is always strong. At La Sierra University, we want to help you realize your career dream. Whether you are aiming for medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, or another field of health care, we can help you meet all of the require- ments for acceptance into any health professions program at Loma Linda University or the university of your choice. In fact, we have more students accepted into Loma Linda than any other Adventist college or university. You’ll get off to a great start at La Sierra. You can get to know your professors and fellow students on our friendly campus. You can join music groups, sports teams, worship groups, and student organizations. And the Pre-Health Professions staff is here to advise and help you all along the way.

Outcome & Career Options Pre-Health Professions

What Students are Saying

The Pre-Professional Office has helped me in so many ways, especially Dr. Dean. She gave me valuable advice for my interview and application process. She helped ease some of my anxieties. I will never forget what the department did for me. I am greatly appreciative of their hard work.

Steffanie Wilamart, Optometry Student

I am so grateful that I came to complete my pre-medicine requirements at La Sierra University. The institution not only taught me science and prepared me for continuing my professional career - it also amplified my spiritual growth. Choosing to attend La Sierra University has been one of my life's most important decision.

Ivan Rybkin, Medical Student

The Pre-Health Professions Office at La Sierra University is a big reason why I was able to be a successful student. Dr. Dean and the rest of the office always took time to answer my questions and help me become a stronger candidate for medical school. The Pre-Professional Conference and classes like Introduction to Medicine were not only exciting, but they made the application process much easier. Dr. Dean connected me with mission-minded students that had a common future with me. I am so thankful to La Sierra and the Pre-Health Professions Office, because now I have a bright future.

Ryan Wycliffe, Medical Student

The science curriculum challenged me more than I expected when I transferred to La Sierra from a larger research university. I was not disappointed.

Andrew Correces, Student Missionary, Accepted To Dental School

Beginning freshman year, my advisor made sure that I was taking all of the classes required for application to medical school. The strong science curriculum eased the MCAT preparation for me. The Pre- Med Club deepened my understanding of the field by providing me with opportunities to become involved in medical settings as well as the community.

Canty Wang, Medical Student

Meet our Staff

Cynthia Douglas
Claire Wilson
Dahlie Conferido

Paying for College

The Student Financial Services office is here to help with financial aid processes. The staff also keeps up to date on scholarships that could benefit La Sierra students.

Choosing Classes

First-year students meet with their academic coach/advisor each week for their first two quarters. Then they are assigned an advisor from their major department who will help them choose the classes they need to complete their program.

Beyond Class

A lot of learning takes place outside of the classroom. The Division of Student Life is headquarters for student government, activities, organizations, spiritual life, and much more to enhance your college experience.

Career Center

We want you to find a good job after you finish your degree at La Sierra. A new Career Center, located in the Zapara School of Business, is expected to open before the end of fall quarter.

University Studies

All undergraduate students at La Sierra University participate in a comprehensive general education curriculum called University Studies, which is rooted in the concept of liberal education as a formative and transformative process. University Studies offers an integrated curriculum that:

  • stimulates the meaning-centered development of its students.
  • familiarizes students with the various academic disciplines.
  • exposes students to intercultural, international and inter-ethnic concerns.
  • encourages students to recognize the importance of developing a personal value system to distinguish between right and wrong.

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