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The purpose of this web site is to provide the university community and those interested with timely, and pertinent information concerning policies and programs administered by the department--from parking on campus to getting certified for CPR and First Aid. In addition, you will find information from public service agencies, such as the American Red Cross and the Riverside Police Department, that educates the university community on issues of public health and safety.

Our office is closed for business on Sunday and Saturday. Patrol Operations remains in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Campus Safety & Security is to support effective instruction and mentoring scholarship at La Sierra University. By preserving physical safety and providing assistance, as requested, to each member of the University Community.

Service calls for escorts & vehicle assists during last academic year:

  • 249 Escorts
  • 157 Jump starts
  • 114 Vehicle open-ups

Department Services

Training/Group Presentations

The department offers throughout the year group presentations on crime prevention and personal safety, with the opportunity of attending training with security personnel in self defense and pepper spray. In addition the department, working with the Director of Health Services and the Director of Safety, offers training and certification in Standard First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. If your department is interested in a group presentation, certification in First Aid/CPR, or you simply wish to attend a training session in self defense and pepper spray contact our office at (951) 785-2222 from off campus, and x 2222 from any on campus telephone. 

Citation Appeal

The appeal process is a service available to those who have received a citation/ticket from our department. You have one week from the time you receive the citation to go to www.lasierra.edu/parking and file an appeal. If you fail to care for the matter, in the time allotted, a late fee of $15.00 dollars is added to the payment, and you revoke your right to any future appeal. Your debt may be charged to your student account, or forwarded to a collection agency for payment. 

Patrol Services

Campus Safety & Security is responsible for the deployment of all security personnel on and around the university and its facilities. Patrol Services provides vehicle assistance (escorts, car jumpstarts, locked vehicle) to members of the campus community, parking and traffic enforcement, physical security, crime prevention, crowd control and parking control during special events, and emergency response to criminal activity, medical aid and fire. Patrol Services is staffed by full-time, part-time, and student employees. Patrol Services patrols campus on foot, by bicycle, and in marked and an unmarked fully equipped patrol vehicle's and utilizes a canine unit for prevention, officer safety, and intrusion alarm response.

Personal Safety Tips

  • Trust your instincts. If you suspect that something is wrong, or a situation seems dangerous, you may be right! Do not ignore suspicious people, cars, or situations. Report them to Security or the Police immediately.
  • Avoid dangerous situations. Do not invite trouble. Use your best judgment about where you go and what you do.
  • Walk to your car with your key in your hand and look in your vehicle before getting into it to see if anyone is inside. Also, be aware of your surroundings and individuals as you approach your vehicle.
  • Keep valuables out of sight in the trunk.
  • Lock your car and use locking devise(s). Such as a Club, alarm, kill switch, etc. Never leave your car parked, running, and unattended.
  • Be aware of bushes and tight corners you can not see around.
  • Call Security for an escort in the evening or walk with a friend.
  • If someone attempts to rape, assault, or abduct you, follow your instincts. Attract attention by blowing a whistle or screaming, run, hit, bite, or use other forms of self-defense. Do whatever comes naturally and do it immediately!
  • Your goal is to escape and survive. Escaping and surviving an attack are the most important considerations. Keep them in mind as you act and react. Remember, each emergency is different and only YOU can decide what action is best.
  • If a crime does happen, report it to Security and the Police as soon as possible. Important information to remember: time of the incident, person’s appearance (height, weight, clothing, scars, hair, etc.), and car’s make, model, color, and especially its license number.
  • When leaving your office (if applicable), close and lock windows and doors. Do not leave purses unattended and unsecured.  

Online Parking System (OPS)

La Sierra Campus Safety & Security has established an online service for the application of parking permits, updating accounts, permit renewal, appealing violations and violation payments. The system assigns each user with a unique ID number and personal pin. Users may reset their pin numbers as needed however account numbers are the user’s ID & iClass numbers. ID numbers are unique to the individual and never change. If you are transferred from one department to another or change status from student to staff (or vice-verse) within the organization these numbers will never change. 
Access OPS Here

License Plate Reader (LPR) technology

The parking management system uses LPR (License Plate Recognition) technology as a means to identify all vehicles. Because of this new advanced technology it is no longer necessary for the organization to issue vehicle parking permits. The system will simply scan each vehicle’s license plate and any vehicle not authorized to park in that lot will be issued a parking citation. Any vehicle owned by a faculty, student, or employee that is parked in a campus lot but not registered in the system will be identified and cited. 

Contact us with Questions Regarding:

  • Creating Your Account
  • Updating Account Information
  • Updating Vehicle Information
  • Applying / Renewing a Permit
  • Paying or Appealing a Violation

If color of vehicle is not Listed

Please choose a color on the list that is closest to what you know the vehicle color is.

If motorcycle has two colors

Please use the color that is most predominant on your motorcycle. If it's approximately the same percentage then choose one of the two colors.


Full Time Students:

  • No charge

Part Time Students:

  • Per Quarter: $20.00
  • Per Year: $80.00

Visitor permits are available at the Riverwalk Parkway entrance kiosk. A temporary permit can be issued to accommodate your stay for $2.00 a day. Don't forget to bring in your license plate number.  

Parking Violations$15.00 Dollars
Moving Violations$25.00 Dollars
Failure to Register$25.00 Dollars
Parking in Disabled Parking without a placard$250.00 Dollars
Tamper with a License Plate$100.00 Dollars

Students must park in their assigned lot 7am-3:45pm, Monday through Thursday; 7am-Noon Fridays.

After 3:45 p.m., vehicles registered by security may park in the other student lots (E, F, I, J, L, and O).

After 6:00 p.m., currently registered vehicles may park in any staff parking lots (this does not include the red zone, disabled, dean, resident assistant, and designated parking spaces, etc).  

Q: Is it true that I don't have to have a permit after 6:00 p.m.?
A: There is a big misconception circulating that you don't, but the the truth is yes. You need to be registered whenever you park anywhere on campus at any time.

Q: Can I park anywhere with my permit?
A: No, everyone is assigned a lot.

Q: Where do I park when my lot is full?
A: M-lot (Alumni Pavilion parking lot) is always the overflow lot when any lot is full.

Q: What if I want to bring more than one car onto campus?
A: You may register up to 5 vehicles for no additional charge per quarter.

You must have your La Sierra University ID Card and your vehicle license plate # when you register your vehicle present.