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Department of English Department Faculty Lora E. Geriguis, Chair Associate Professor of English (2007) PhD University of California, Riverside 1997 17-18th c. British literature, literary criticism, literature and environment Melissa Brotton Director of College Writing Assistant Professor of English (2007) PhD University of North Dakota, Grand Forks 2004 18th & 19th century British literature, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Milton Sari Fordham Director of Basic Skills: English Assistant Professor of English (2007) MFA University of Minnesota 2007 Creative writing, non-fiction, humor Winona R. Howe Professor of English (1991) PhD University of California, Riverside 1991 Romantic and Victorian literature, children’s and young adult literature Marilynn Loveless Associate Professor of English (2007) PhD Griffith University 2004 Drama, Shakespeare, screenwriting, media production Sam McBride Director of Graduate Studies Professor of English (2007) PhD University of California, Riverside 1997 20 th c. literature and fine arts, American literature, the Inklings Emeritus Professors of English Dorothy Comm (2012) PhD University of Alberta Robert P. Dunn (2009) PhD University of Wisconsin RelM School of Theology at Claremont La Sierra University Undergraduate Bulletin Frank A. Knittel (2003) PhD University of Colorado J. Paul Stauffer (1978) PhD Harvard University Degrees Offered Master of Arts degree in • English Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with emphases in • Literature • Writing Liberal Studies emphases in • English • Drama Minors in • English • Drama Master of Arts in English Degree The MA in English degree is offered as a generalist program in literary studies , focused on British and American literature, which prepares students for further literary studies at the doctoral level, enhances the resume of secondary and post- secondary teachers of English, and equips graduates for success in a wide variety of occupations where analytical thinking, strong writing, research skills, and effective communication abilities are essential. Students with adequate preparation (e.g. BA in English) can he Master of Arts degree in English is described in detail in the College of Arts and Sciences section of the Graduate Bulletin. Preparation for Teaching; Liberal Studies Undergraduate students pursuing a Liberal Studies degree in preparation for teaching will select an emphasis in a specific discipline. The Department of English offers two emphases for Liberal Studies students to choose from: English (24 units) and drama (20 units). The required core courses for Liberal Studies (72 units) are outlined in the Program in Liberal Studies section in this bulletin. Details about the English and drama emphases are included below. 139