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Information Technology


Changing Your Password

If you know your password and need to change/resync it:

View the password change page

If you forgot your password:

View the My Campus Password Reset Page


Changing Your Self-Service Password

Every student, faculty, and staff have a La Sierra University Account.  This account is established by logging into self service using your six digit student ID number and your birthday in 6 digits.

For Example

  1. I was born in June 20, 1990

  2. My Password: 062090

Self Service Graphic


If you forget your pin, after you set it, you can answer the security question and reset it, or have Academic Records (951-785-2006) reset your account.

Setting Your Password

You will then be asked set a password for your Digital Access account. This password must meet a certain criteria for approval.  The system is very picky about dictionary words.


  2. lowercase letters (a-z),

  3. Numbers (0-9),

  4. or Symbols (such as £%^*()-_+=[]{}:@#~,.? ),

If there is a specific password you would like to have, the password change site is less picky

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