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OISS - New Student Check-In

Step 1: Personal Info & SEVIS Sheet

This form is only for New Students that have arrived in the United States and are reporting directly to our office. Please fill out the following information. We will use this information ONLY for the purpose of registering your record with SEVIS, connecting you with your future mentor, and contacting a family or friend due to emergencies. USCIS immigration regulations require that you report any changes of this information to our office within 10 days.


Education Level*
Where are you currently living?*
Dorm Name
Do you have dependent(s)?*

Full Name as on passport, Date of Birth, Relationship (1 dependent per line)

Step 2: International Buddy Program

Our International Buddy Program is a great way for you to meet La Sierra University Students and connect with others. It is a program designed to help you learn from La Sierra students. Your mentor can help you with understanding the American Culture, differences in education, homesickness, and finding the best place to eat around campus. These mentors are your friends who can help you live and experience La Sierra University.

What activities do you do for fun during your downtime or with family and/or friends. List them below.

Do you want a student to be your mentor?*
Can you meet with the mentor at least once a month?
Which do you prefer as your mentor?
Which areas you want support from your mentor?

Step 3 Emergency Contacts

This information will only be used if you are seriously injured or dead. Please provide 2 contacts who can make important medical and other decisions for you if you are unable to do so for yourself. You must have an emergency contact in your home country and in the US. If you do not have this information, type "x".

Home Country Emergency Contact

U.S.A. Emergency Contact

Acknowledgment and Submission

  • I certify that the above information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge
  • I authorize the Office of International Student Services to verify the information I have provided above with authorized university officials in determining my academic and citizenship record
  • The Office of International Student Services at La Sierra University has my permission to release information to my emergency contacts/parents, authorized representatives of my government, sponsor, and/or the authorized representatives of the United States government.
  • In the event of an emergency involving my death or serious injury, I authorize my emergency contact to receive medical and other necessary information so they may act on my behalf in activities such as banking, medical decisions, health insurance, billing, etc. I further authorize the Office of International Student Services to obtain and relay to my emergency contacts information about my medical condition.

By clicking on the green button below "I Agree, Submit", I understand that the above statements concerning the release of my information.