Undergraduate Application Requirements

New Freshmen

Application + Transcript + Scores = Review
Proof of high school completion is provided by your high school transcript, GED, or California High School Proficiency Examination. Your eligibility is determined based on the eligibility index. Your transcript should reflect the A-G & H requirements.
Did you complete high school outside of the US? Refer to your country's profile to get your admissions guidelines. 


Application + Transcripts = Review
Minimum GPA of 2.0 and 12 quarter credit hours / 8 semester credit hours of transferable college courses.
If you are transferring more than 88 quarter credits or 60 semester credits, then you are not required to submit your high school transcript.

For Incoming Freshman Not applicable to transfer students

When Should I Submit My High School Transcript?
If GPA 3.10 or higher
If GPA 3.0 and below
After your junior year (11th grade)After your senior year first semester grades are posted
Please note that we will still REQUIRE your SAT/ACT's for placement testing.Please note that we may still need to wait until after graduations to ensure acceptance.Please note that we may still need to receive your second semester grades to determine acceptance.