Do you want to broaden your understanding of literature, delve deeper into those works through the application of cutting-edge literary criticism, and enhance your own writing and research skills?

At La Sierra University you will be part of a close-knit department that honors Christian values. Whether you are seeking to advance your career with an MA degree, or you are contemplating going on for your Ph.D., the MA in English program offered at La Sierra University will prepare you to reach your goals.

What I can Do with an MA in English?

Students who graduate from this program go on to careers in secondary and community college teaching or enroll in Ph.D. programs. In addition, studying English at the graduate level can prepare you for work in other fields that require strong writing and analytical skills.

Program Requirements

Our Master’s Degree in English program is designed to give you broad exposure to the various periods of British and American literature, with additional required classes in research methods, literary criticism, literature and the Bible, and writing. The 12-15 classes required for the degree (depending on the number of undergraduate literary courses you have taken) can usually be completed in two years of full-time study by taking two four-unit courses per quarter. However, part-time students can also successfully complete the program at their own pace.

Who Should Apply?

While the majority of students in our program hold bachelor’s degrees in English, students with undergraduate degrees in history, religion, liberal studies, or other humanities areas are also encouraged to apply. A successful applicant is a voracious reader, with a passion for literature and a strong interest in research and writing.

Job Outlook

Students who enroll in the MA in English program at La Sierra may apply to teach college writing courses for undergraduate students on campus. College Writing Instructors gain invaluable teaching experience while earning financial assistance that covers approximately 75% of tuition costs.

La Sierra provided me with opportunities for intellectual discovery and academic development in the critical study of literary theory, com- position, and a wide range of British and American texts. It broadened my knowledge of major authors, periods, and genres as well as deepened my understanding of developments in the discipline, providing me with the tools I would need during my Ph.D. studies at Claremont Graduate University and later in my work as an adjunct faculty member at Chapman University, as well as serving on the editorial board of two academic journals.


The program emphasized innovative scholarly work, and I was grateful for the chance to work with faculty on collaborative projects. The faculty members’ dedicated mentorship and innovative approaches encouraged me to pursue original research, discover neglected texts, and introduce my scholarship to discourses beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Lina Geriguis MA - 2007