The La Sierra Advantage

When you study art and design at La Sierra University, you will:

  • Take classes from professional artists who are producing and exhibiting their art regularly throughout Riverside and Los Angeles.
  • Enjoy trips to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Getty Museum, and local art exhibits in Pasadena, Long Beach, and other locations.
  • Benefit from La Sierra’s partnership with design companies willing to examine and critique undergraduate work.
  • Showcase your art in the Brandstater Gallery, an on-campus venue reserved for students and faculty in the program.
  • Join an on-campus art club where you can meet students with similar interests who enjoy trips, documentaries, and discussion of the latest issues in the field of art.

Why Study Art?

Art is a powerful form of communication that crosses barriers and reaches diverse groups of people. The study of art isn’t learned through random experience any more than is the study of math or biology. It is a technical skill that stimulates critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity — all valued skills in today’s workplace. People who study art are generally visionaries who are intuitive, self-motivated, and very aware of their aesthetic environment. Students who major in art, fine arts, or graphic design will gain a solid foundation in color theory and application, visual design, traditional media applications, and contemporary digital media. Students graduating from the program will be prepared for professional employment, graduate school, and other meaningful contributions to society.

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  • Art

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