The La Sierra Advantage

When you study biology at La Sierra University, you will:

  • Learn from professors who are experts in their fields. They contribute to knowledge and don’t just teach it from a book.
  • Have opportunities to do hands-on research with professors as an undergraduate. Some students even publish papers in professional journals.
  • Interact with professors who care about your spiritual well-being as well as your academic growth.
  • Participate in clubs sponsored or supported by biology faculty.
  • Study in the state-of-the-art Price Science Complex, where faculty members each have their own research labs—one with 10,000 specimens!

Why Study Biology?

Biologists study all living things, from plants and mammals to microscopic single-cell organisms. They help us do vital things such as fight disease, protect the environment, conserve nature, and increase the world’s production of food. A wide variety of careers are open to biology graduates. Many of those who study biology at La Sierra University go on to health-related careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, or physical therapy. Others go into teaching, forest or park service, fish and wildlife management, biomedical sales, environmental safety, research, or medical technology. Classrooms are not the only locations in which students learn at La Sierra. Our professors are active in research and involve students as well. Recent student research has investigated a newly discovered species of gecko, the effects of alternating electric current on brain tumor cells, and the DNA of 3,000-year-old human bones. Students may also have an opportunity to join a professor in field research or to study during the summer at the Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory.

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  • Biology

“I was told that La Sierra University had a prestigious biology department, and the four years of my experience there proved that to be true. I was able to go to Malaysia on two expeditions. This research gave me the opportunity to personally publish a paper in Zootaxa describing a new species. I will be forever indebted to La Sierra University’s biology department.”

Chelsea Johnson, 2011 Biology Graduate

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