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About the Department

Developing a sense of intellectual curiosity concerning chemical theory and an appreciation of the practical role of chemistry in life constitute the general objectives of the department. Additional objectives include preparing students to enter graduate programs in chemistry or biochemistry, professional programs in the health sciences, and careers in the chemical industry. In addition to majors in chemistry and biochemistry, the department offers a major in physical science designed for those planning to teach science at the secondary level. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the major content areas of chemistry at the bachelors degree level as specified by the American Chemical Society. The major content areas are:

    • General chemistry
    • Organic chemistry
    • Inorganic chemistry
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Physical chemistry (thermodynamics and dynamics)

  2. Be able to solve complex theoretical and quantitative problems accurately and efficiently.
  3. Communicate scientific information effectively through writing and oral presentations as well as effectively utilize scientific information presented by other scientists through writing and oral presentations.
  4. Perform an independent chemical research project under the supervision of a faculty member.
  5. Anticipate, recognize, and respond to chemical hazards included in the storage, handling, and disposal of chemicals, and laboratory accidents.
  6. Be able to efficiently obtain and utilize data from and understand the principles of GC-MS, HPLC, FT-IR, UV- vis, and NMR instruments.
  7. Be able to perform basic lab skills including synthesis of inorganic and organic compounds, accurate and precise measurement, data collection, and experiment design, and be able to keep legible, accurate and complete experimental records.
  8. Demonstrate ethical behavior in presenting and reporting results, utilizing chemical information and pursuing research as well as being aware of current ethical issues in society which involve chemistry.