The La Sierra University Advantage

  1. Experience dynamic internships and learn what it's like to be a communication professional.
  2. Develop the skills you will need for your future occupation.
  3. Enroll in fun classes like Edutainment, Newswriting, Advanced Public Speaking, and Small Group Communication.
  4. Attend and present at local and national communication conferences. Start building your network!
  5. Visit special exhibits at the Annenberg Space for Photography, the Skirball Center, the Los Angeles Times, and seminars on Journalism.
  6. Participate in small classes, an enriched learning experience, where everyone is known by their name - not by a number
  7. Receive personalized letters of recommendation for your job applications and interviews.
  8. Study in a university located near a national hub for communications professionals.

All organizations need people who excel in the art of communicating. Learn the skill of effective communication and prepare to enter one of the largest and most diverse fields today.

We offer the following:


  • Communication (32 Units)

Employment Outlook

People with degrees in communication work in a wide range of occupations: advertising, education, healthcare, human resources, marketing, organizational consulting, motivational speaking, performing arts/drama, public relations, newspaper, radio, television, film, sports promotion, politics, campaign management, and pharmaceutical sales. Depending on the occupation, we encourage students to combine Communication with a second major to prepare for careers in areas such as law, politics, science, education, business, management, and marketing.

Why Study Communication?

Almost everything we know or learn is acquired through communication. The information gained and shared through communication forms the “atmosphere” of our cultures. How we communicate determines how we see each other and ourselves. For all these reasons and more, we study communication.

Communication builds relationships between people. It is about empowering, influencing, and connecting with others; bringing more voices into the conversation.

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