The Writing Center provides assistance to all La Sierra students who wish to improve their writing in general or who desire assistance with specific writing assignments.

Operating Hours, Location, & Contacts

The Writing Center is located in the newly remolded Humanities Hall 101.

Email: | Ext. 2149

Monday1-5 PM, 8-10 PM
Tuesday1-5 PM, 8-10 PM
Wednesday9 AM-5 PM, 8-10 PM
Thursday1-5 PM, 8-10 PM

Services Provided

Writing Coaches are available for 25-minute conferences. Contact the Center by email to schedule a conference. Unscheduled ‘drop-in’ conferences may be possible, if a writing coach is available.

Coaches can assist students with:

  • Beginning the writing process through brainstorming
  • Making a point by developing a thesis
  • Creating a structure through outlining
  • Supporting a thesis with paragraphing
  • Developing a first draft
  • Revising for content, organization and style
  • Editing to correct grammar errors
  • Proofreading
  • Incorporating research into writing
  • Documentation in MLA or APA style

NOTE: Writing Coaches will NEITHER write papers NOR revise them for students. Rather, they will assist students in doing those processes themselves more effectively.

In a Writing Lab conference students will discuss writing assignments with an upper-division or graduate student skilled in writing.

Special Assistance for Pre-Foundational English Students

Students in Engl-001 and Engl-005 are required to visit the Writing Center periodically to complete work that supports classroom activities. This work may include conferences with Writing Coaches, online activities, and ‘practice tests.’
Students registering for these classes will schedule a time period in the Writing Center by simultaneously registering for a Writing Lab.
See the links in the menu to the left of this window for more details regarding the role of the Writing Center in Pre-Foundational English courses:

  • Introduction to Composition Lab – Engl-005L
  • Reading Improvement Lab – Engl-001L

Faculty Referrals

La Sierra faculty may suggest or require that students visit the Writing Center. Writing Center staff will provide students who engage in a conference a brief follow-up report indicating what types of writing issues were addressed; if you wish, students can then provide you with a copy of the report.

For More Information

If you would like to know more about the Writing Center, see the FAQs. If you have questions or comments, contact Dr. Deborah Higgens.

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