The Curriculum

Required courses in the Honors Program make up more than a quarter of undergraduate course work and fulfill the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree. Details Here

Among these courses are:

  • The Scientific Process - Asks the questions, "What is science?" and "How is science done?"
  • Religious Understandings - Explores religious traditions as sources of insight, personal meaning social structure, and moral guidance, with special attention to the Christian faith.
  • Global Cultures in Context: Theories and Perspectives - Examines global cultures and worldviews through an international study tour.
  • Science and the Future - Includes social and historical context, as well as moral, political, and legal implications of scientific development. Also examines connections with religion and philosophy.
  • Changing Communities - Looks at the way communities change over time, and the way that individuals and groups may transform communities.
  • Religion and the Future - Examines contemporary issues facing the Christian community and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in their social and philosophical contexts.
  • Seeking, Knowing, and Serving - Students evaluate the development of their personal philosophy and worldview and understand how these worldviews relate to the perspectives of different groups across space and time.

Curriculum Requirements Honors Program

Total units required: 72 - 99 quarter units

The following requirements fulfill general education requirements (as an alternative to the University Studies curriculum) for students admitted into the Honors Program. A student may elect to not complete the Original Scholarship component of the Program and still fulfill general education requirements (but not graduate with University Honors designation).

Honors Core Courses (41 units):

  • UHNR 101 Beginning to Seek
  • UHNR 114/114L The Scientific Process
  • UHNR 115/115L The Arts
  • UHNR 224 Religious Understandings
  • UHNR 231 Global Cultures in Context: Theories and Perspectives
  • UNHR 232 Global Cultures in Context: The Experience
  • UHNR 314 Changing Communities
  • UHNR 324 Science and the Future
  • UHNR 404 Religious, Moral, and Social Aspects of the Academic Discipline
  • UHNR 414 Religion and the Future
  • UHNR 424 Seeking, Knowing, and Serving

Community Involvement (3 units):

  • UHNR 354 Honors Community Involvement

Original Scholarship (7-17 units):

  • UHNR 364 Honors Scholarship Colloquium
  • UHNR 464 Honors Scholarship

Competencies (20-37 units):

  • Modern or Ancient Language through Intermediate I level (e.g., SPAN 201)
  • Mathematics through Calculus I; or College Algebra and Statistics I
  • PEAC 120 Lifetime Fitness (2)
  • English 111, 112 and 113 or 124
  • UHNR 201

Portfolio: All students in the program will complete an Honors Portfolio, used by both the program and the student to evaluate their progress and develop their rhetorical skills.

Project: All students in the program will complete an Honors Scholarship Project, in which they develop an original research or creative project in collaboration with faculty that is presented publicly.

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