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Graduate Study Carrel Policy


All La Sierra University graduate students are eligible to apply for a locked study carrel in the Library. (A La Sierra University email address must be provided on the application form.) Graduate students writing a dissertation or thesis will have first priority in carrel assignment.

Carrels will be assigned to graduate students not working on a dissertation or thesis as they become available. The need to make extensive use of the University Library collections will be a priority factor in carrel assignment for this tier of applicants.

Carrels are not intended to be used as alternate office space.

La Sierra University Library does not guarantee the availability of a carrel to a qualifying student.


An individual who wishes to use a study carrel must complete and submit the Graduate Study Carrel Application Form available on the Library web page. Applications may be submitted any time, but preferably a week before the start of a new quarter since the assignment term is for one quarter. Graduate student applicants will be notified via e-mail either of their carrel assignment or of their placement on a waiting list. All communications will be sent to University email addresses only.

A key to the carrel will be issued by the Library's Administrative Office upon receipt of a $30 key deposit (cash or check). The loss of a key or failure to return a key will incur a charge to either create a duplicate key or change the lock. The Library reserves the right to determine the most appropriate course of action and applicable costs will be determined at that time. If this cost exceeds the forfeited key deposit, a Library hold will be placed on the student's account until payment is made. Return of the key after the Library has initiated the replacement process will not result in a cancellation of the student's obligation for this charge.

One key will be assigned to the person using the carrel. For security reasons, study room keys may not be duplicated. When the key is returned to the Library's Administrative Office at the end of the loan period, a voucher payable at the Circulation Desk will be issued to reimburse the key deposit.

Length of Assignment

Carrels are assigned for the full quarter. Applicants are asked to notify Library Administration if they plan to stop using the carrel prior to the end of a quarter. Any carrel vacated during the term will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list for the remainder of the quarter.


Assignment extensions are not automatic. An individual who wishes to hold a carrel for two consecutive quarters must reapply before the end of the first term. He/she will have a lower priority than a new applicant unless they report continuing work on a dissertation. Failure to reapply for an extension before the next quarter begins may result in the reassignment of the carrel regardless of dissertation work. A new applicant is defined as an individual who has never had a carrel or who has not had one during the preceding semester. Available carrels will be assigned first to new applicants in priority order, followed by reassignments to extension applicants not working on dissertations.


Please report any maintenance issues with the carrels to the Library's Administrative Office either directly (x2397) or via email to lbyadmin@lasierra.edu. Examples of problems to report are burned out light bulbs, broken furniture, and water leaks.

Terms of use

  • All Library materials kept in carrels overnight or longer must be checked out at the Circulation Desk. All Library materials which have not been checked out will be removed from the carrels by the Library staff on a regular basis. Library materials located in study carrels are subject to overdue notices, recalls and other Library policies.
  • Periodicals and reference books are high use items. Please do not leave them in carrels. Return them to the Library's periodicals or reference areas after each use.
  • Carrels may not be subleased and keys should not be loaned out. Only students assigned by the Library's Administrative Office may use the carrels.
  • Assignees should not leave valuable belongings that may be stolen or damaged. The library cannot be responsible for personal property left in the carrels.
  • Use of the carrel key does not guarantee the assignee's privacy. Library personnel are authorized to enter locked carrels to check for and remove disallowed materials. Every effort will be made to minimize disturbances to carrel occupants and their belongings.
  • Library furniture other than the chair placed in the carrel may not be moved into a carrel.
  • Appliances that pose fire hazards, such as space heaters, coffee pots, hot plates, etc., are strictly prohibited in carrels.
  • The Library's food prohibition policy also applies to the carrels. Only covered drinks are permitted.
  • Carrel assignees must remove all belongings by the end of the loan period.
  • Carrel holders are responsible for the observance of all regulations. The library reserves the right to revoke carrel assignments or other Library privileges at its discretion.
  • After the expiration of a carrel assignment, the Library may remove any items left by the assignee. After attempting to contact the assignee to return personal belongings, these will be kept in the Library's Lost and Found area for one quarter and then either donated or discarded at the Library's discretion.


If you have any further questions about the Library's carrel policy, please contact Library Administration at lbyadmin@lasierra.edu or by phone at (951) 785-2397.

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Last updated July 3, 2012