Reserve Request Form

La Sierra University faculty members may request that an item be placed on reserve for the use of their class.

This form allows you to request a book or journal article in the library to be put on reserve. You may put personal items on reserve as well, but you will have to deliver them to the library yourself since we are not allowed to break into your house to retrieve them.

We need the following information to file the item in question so students can find it, or to contact you if there is a problem.
Your name* Your telephone number*
E-mail address* For which class (name, number)?*

What item do you want us to put on reserve?

Book or article title*
Book or article author*

Book call number* /
Journal title, volume, issue, pages*

How many copies should we put on reserve?
We will assume "one copy" unless told otherwise
How long should students be able to check out the item?* 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 7 days? -- VERY IMPORTANT to fill this in!
When should we remove the item from reserve?
We will assume one quarter unless told otherwise
Any other comments?

* = Required item

Last updated July 3, 2012