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Computer Databases

The computers in the Heritage Room include access to the library catalog and the library's on-line databases, as well as several CD-ROM databases of Adventist material.

Ellen G. White CD-ROM

The Ellen G. White CD-ROM allows complete keyword searching of all of Ellen White's works, and has considerable supplementary material as well. Find out what she said on a particular topic. Track down the quotation you've always been looking for. Compare different occurrences of the same term. From the Midnight Cry to the Second Coming, it's all there. We currently have the 3.0 version, Legacy of Light, and are committed to always having the most recent version available.

This is probably used more often than anything else in the Heritage Room. You can reach the same database on the Web at the Ellen G. White Estate.

Adventist Pioneer Library

The collected works of early Millerites and Adventists -- everyone other than Ellen White. An index to this CD-ROM, and an online version of it, are available through the Adventist Pioneer Library. Includes some early Adventist magazines.

SDA Bible Commentary

A computer version of the standard Seventh-day Adventist reference work. There is currently no online version available.

Logos Bible Software

Search five different versions of the Bible (KJV, ASV, NIV, Greek, and Hebrew texts), together with considerable indexing, reference, and commentary support.

Logos Bible Atlas

Maps of the lands described in the Bible.

SDA Periodical Index

The online version of the index can be reached from anywhere on the Web, but so far it only goes back to 1979. The print version, which we have available, goes back to 1971, and in somewhat sketchy form to 1950. Generally, if something is in the SDA Periodical Index, we have the magazine article here.

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