The department provides a curriculum in computer science to provide a technological background for all liberal arts students, as a basic tool for students entering a wide variety of vocations, and as a preparation for professionals in the computing industry and for graduate study.

Learning Outcomes

To better fulfill the mission of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and meet our stated broad goals, we have developed the following student learning objectives for the program in Computer Science and Information Systems. These represent the core proficiencies and knowledge base we wish to impart to our graduates. The program has eight core learning outcomes for all graduates. Students graduating should:

  1. Be able to correctly analyze problems for possible computer solutions; design and implement efficient solutions.
  2. Understand how core data structures work; be able to implement and apply them to solve problems.
  3. Know how machine instructions are stored and executed; be able to program at the machine/assembly language level.
  4. Understand professional ethics and the impact of computers on society.
  5. Be able to design a large-scale software system.
  6. Be able to communicate and work effectively in a team environment.
  7. Be able to design appropriate test data for a given software solution/application.
  8. Be able to develop software solutions in more than one high-level language.

Students graduating in Computer Science additionally should:

  1. Understand the concept and design of computer architecture components such as adders, ALU, memory, cache, control unit, data path, CPU.
  2. Understand the core network protocols and be able to design/implement programs that utilize them.
  3. Understand the components of an operating system such as resource scheduling, memory management, process management, security.

Students graduating in Information Systems additionally should:

  1. Be able to analyze/understand the informational needs of an organization and to provide a high-level design of an information system.

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